New Psylocke, Ant-Man Trailer and Marvel’s Daredevil!


One of the first pieces I saw was that Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse cast keeps getting bigger (anymore characters and we’ll have to rename it X-Men: Fat Bastard Cast; because, you know, it’s getting so bloated with characters).  We now have Psylocke played by Oliva Munn.  Now, Psylocke is a badass character.  She is a martial arts expert who can use psychic abilities to create weapons and projectiles.  She’s awesome.  I’m excited to see that this X-Men is going away from the traditional and easy ones.  However, my one problem is with Oliva Munn.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, Olivia Munn was great on G4, but I have to sell this casting.  When you put her up against the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Professor Xavier, Magneto and Hugh Jackman, she doesn’t seem to belong.  Nothing in her history makes me think “yeah, Munn will absolutely kill this role!”  Olivia Munn is the Christian Laetner of the first NBA Dream Team: what is she doing in that picture?  Does she really belong with these other actors?  Now, I could (and hope) that I’m wrong.  And I think Bryan Singer will do a fine job but I think Munn’s part needs to be small, right?  She can’t be a forced main character shoved down our throats like Hale Berry as Storm can she?  We’ll see how she does but her body of work doesn’t seem very promising for this particular job.  It depends on the size of her role and she may not get a huge part.  I think that anymore X-Men will make this movie a cluster.

Ant-Man Trailer

So, I have been waiting for another Ant-Man trailer since the first one.  With Edgar Wright leaving the project, I was getting pretty down on this film.  This trailer did not really change my perspective on that.  We open with Michael Douglas narrating (WHY ISN’T MICHAEL DOUGLAS NARRATING MORE DOCUMENTARIES?  The guy has a great voice and great timing.  He’s done some but he’s like the white version of Morgan Freeman; something about his voice is just perfect for audio books and documentaries.  I tried finding a Morgan Freeman voiced audio book and all I found was the Bible.  I seriously considered it because Morgan Freeman was God at one point and it made sense).  But the tone, the dialogue, the characters and the cinematography all screamed generic to me.  I have seen a million superhero trailers like this one before, especially ones with origin stories.  This is the first Marvel movie where I have thought “this could be their first flop.”  I wasn’t excited by the trailer.  Now, apparently Wright left the film but most of it is still his vision for it so I’m cautiously optimistic but the trailer hasn’t made me excited for it.  I’ve  seen this trailer: Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Batman Begins, Ghost Rider, Hulk, X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X3: Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Marvel’s Avengers, etc.  This just felt like a generic trailer.  What Marvel has done so well recently is that it has changed the superhero and comic book genre.  Guardians was a space odyssey, Captain America: Winter Soldier was a spy thriller with a superhero and Captain America: The First Avenger was a WWII film with a superhero in it.  Marvel continues to evolve itself and make its films unique whereas this trailer just felt like any other superhero film.

The special effects look awesome but there still isn’t a ton of dialogue from Ant-Man himself except for some one-liners.  Anyway, I’m not totally interested in it and it’s making me very nervous for the quality of it.  Ant-Man may be squished by the time it releases into theaters.

EDIT (4/16/15): I will say that the train scene was awesome.  I LOVED that train scene at the end and after thinking about it I realized that this movie could offer some unique pieces that we haven’t seen before.  Not terribly excited for it but still optimistic.

Here is the full trailer:

Ant Man Trailer

Marvel’s Daredevil

I’m about 6 episodes in and this series kicks ass.  I love that we are on the streets of New York again.  Let the Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D deal with world-crisis stuff; I want to see Matt Murdock kick some ass.  This series grounds the MCU in some reality and it’s nice to experience the everyday person.  We don’t get to experience every day people’s struggles.  The Hulk deals with the army, Captain America is dealing with HYDRA, Thor has other world stuff going on and Iron Man is constantly dealing with incredibly rich and powerful techies.  Now we get to see what is going on for most people.  Also, the guy playing Matt Murdock is awesome.  I love how Daredevil and Murdock are different yet similar.  This is what a Batman show would feel like.  Also, Vincent D’Onofrio is a brilliant Kingpin.  I loved D’Onofrio’s work on Law and Order and his Kingpin brings so much humanity to him.  His nervousness on a first date and his struggles socially make him more of a human character and not just some rich evil dude.  D’Onofrio is one of the highlights of the show; he is magnetic on that screen.  I love the dark, gritty feel to this show.  Remember when I mentioned how Marvel is brilliant because it keeps evolving itself?  Daredevil is the latest incarnation of that.  It feels like a crime drama that happens to have a superhero in it.  As a HUGE Law and Order fan, I love it (you know I have watched so much L&O that I memorized the intro sayings before SVU, Criminal Intent and the original series?  Yeah, I’m a nerd).  The show has been getting better and I am giddy to see how Murdock becomes the Daredevil we know and love.  This show will easily make anyone forget about Affleck’s Daredevil.

That’s it for today.  Please come back soon when I have even more thoughts and opinions on today’s movie news.  If you like reading about movies or listening to movies, subscribe to Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights and AMC’s Movie News on iTunes.  These are great podcasts and the people who put them on are incredibly talented.  Thanks and see you all at the movies!



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