Wonder Woman Director Leaves

photo from Deadline Hollywood

Wonder Woman Director Leaves

As you may have heard, the director of Wonder Woman is on the way out.  They left over “creative differences.”  Now this can be seen as a big deal or no big deal.  This director is clearly talented; she has directed some of the best episodes of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul.  Warner Brothers made a BIG deal that they had a female director for their superheroine film.  Look, we are still 2 years out and the other films haven’t even been released yet.  They can still find an awesome director.  However, why hire her in the first place?  Reports have been saying that there was nothing that she and Warner Bros. could agree upon.  If the vision of Warner Bros. was so clear why did they hire her?  It seems sloppy and unprofessional.  It’s not like Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man because it was a multi-year project and apparently he left because he wanted his film to be separate from the MCU.  This situation with Warner is very different.  Look, I’m already nervous about the DC Universe because of Zack Synder but this doesn’t seem right.  It’s like they wanted to make a splash with a female director and female film without wondering if this could work.  It really seems like a bad sign.  You know this is like your buddy bragging about a hot date, then coming home with no one an hour later because she stood him up.  Can he go out and find an incredibly hot woman?  Sure, but is it a good sign that the other chick stood him up?  No, it’s not.

(By the way, we could totally make a soap opera with characters based on these situations.  Don’t tell me people wouldn’t watch All the Days of Marvel’s Lives or As DC Turns.  Marvel could be the suave, beautiful woman dumping Terrance Howard and Edward Norton then turning around and having her heart broken after Joss Whedon breaks down during their vacation.  Then Chris Pratt comes in and it is revealed that he is the father and not Robert Downey Jr.  The possibilities are endless!)

Short piece today but that was it.  Good luck on taxes, hope you all still have sanity and hair after tomorrow.  I wanted to yell at someone after getting mine done.



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