Deadpool Set Footage, New Wonder Woman Director, Spider-Man’s Personality, Last 3 of Hemsworth’s Thor, Batman V. Superman Trailer in Imax


Entry numero 4!  Once again, I, Greg Frank, the man with a plan, critic from the Arctic, the Mayor of Players, the new charismatic reviewer without a microphone, come to you with another roundup and opinions of news related items for the day.  Can’t you just imagine a guy like Howard Finkel saying that?  Well, maybe not but I just did and it seemed awesome in my head.  Moving on.

New Wonder Woman Director


So, we lost the Wonder Woman director yesterday and get a new one today?  How crazy is that?!  If I had bet on that turnaround I would have lost a lot of money.  Here’s the other thing that’s cool about it: Warner Bros. brought in another female director.  I like that they are committed to keeping a female director.  Honestly, I think the industry sorely needs it.  It’s a sausage fest in the superhero world already and having new people involved is always welcomed.  And really, Patty Jenkins seems like a good choice.  She directed Charlize Theron in “Monster.”  Granted it’s Charlize Theron but great actors do have bad performances and the director does deserve credit for that.  A director and an actor are like a coach and players.  Are we really discounting coaches like Pat Riley, Bill Belicheck, Gregg Popovich, Phil Jackson and other coaches for coaching some of the greats (Magic Johnson, Tom Brady, Tim Duncan, and Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/Shaq)?  No, that would be ridiculous.  Just as it would be ridiculous to give all the credit to the coaches as well.  It’s a team effort.  Jenkins has proven that she can get some good performances.  Now, I’ve been a long-time traveler on the “I’m-skeptical-Gal-Gadot-can-actually-act” train but if you need someone to coach Gadot into a good performance, you could do worse than Jenkins (M. Night I’m looking at you).  Plus, Marvel wanted Jenkins at one point, so that’s also something.  I like this.  It shows that Warner Bros. wasn’t taken aback or shocked at the departure of Michelle MacLaren and that they were ready to move forward.  I’m back to where I was with Wonder Woman before: skeptical that it will all work out (but cautiously optimistic).  It all depends on Zack Sydner (*snicker) and how Batman V. Superman turns out.  Speaking off…

Batman V. Superman Trailer in IMAX

Probably the announcement people have been waiting for since the casting announcement.  People are drooling to see footage of this and now they will be able to.  You can buy an IMAX ticket and see the trailer on Monday.  I like that they are trying to make this an event but come on, this is just a trailer.  I’m excited for it, too, and Warner Bros will probably make a bunch of money selling IMAX tickets but to me this seems like a cash grab.  When I first heard the news I was excited, then I read that they won’t be releasing the trailer on the web (which means someone will take a poor phone recording of it) and that trailer will also be put in the Avengers and Mad Max films.  I appreciate DC doing something different with their approach from Marvel but come on, guys, this isn’t rocket science.  What’s the purpose of a trailer?  To get people excited for a film.  Why not just wait until Mad Max and Avengers or just release it online?  Why go to the trouble of putting it in IMAX?  The world is moving towards online releases of trailers.  Marvel did it with Avengers and played along with some hackers.  That was fun and showed Marvel could roll with the punches.  DC seems like they are either a poker player keeping the cards close to them because they know this movie will a) be OMG-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-HOW-AWESOME-MY-HAND-IS or b) we want people to be in the dark so they don’t figure out we have a crappy hand.  I don’t know.  I’m also insanely jealous I’m in a town of 580 with no IMAX to watch the trailer.  So, that might feed into this.  Also, 15 minutes?  That’s not a trailer, that’s a piece of the film.  What are they going to show for 15 minutes?  Are there going to be special appearances by the actors?  Is this going to be a bunch of mini-DC events ala Marvel?  Well, at least we’re talking about it and not some sort of speculation.  I can’t wait to see my Youtube clip on Tuesday or Wednesday, though.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the teaser of the teaser trailer

Deadpool Set Footage

Not too much here, except that Deadpool crashes into the side of a car.  Pretty cool scene and shows that Deadpool will be fighting someone or something that can kick his ass.  The part I really liked was when the Deadpool action stunt was showing off a routine

that included a part where Deadpool looks like he pulled his hamstring.  Everyone around him thought it was hilarious and so did I.  What this shows is that it’s not just Ryan Reynolds who is enjoying filming this but everyone.  Everyone is having fun, cracking jokes and that stunt is something that I can imagine Deadpool doing.  I hope something like that ends up in the film.  I think this is a positive sign for the Merc with a Mouth.  It makes me look forward to this film even more.

Kevin Feige talks Spider-Man’s personality

Kevin Feige, also known as the Marvel Godfather, spoke in an interview about the MCU Spider-Man’s personality.  He mentioned that Spider-Man will be having more of a sense of humor and how his costume will look more hand made.  I love these comments.  I love them for a few reasons: we know we are getting a young, brash and inexperienced Spider-Man.  This Spider-Man will be witty.  What we got in Amazing and Rami’s Spider-Man franchises is the character that is carrying so much weight.  It makes you forget that Spider-Man was a hell of a lot of fun, too.  He cracked jokes.  He cracked those jokes to distract his enemies and calm himself down.  He is a funny guy.  When Peter Parker puts on the mask, it means he is escaping into a personality that truly shows who he is.  Spider-Man is a just a confident Peter Parker.  And I like it.  In every Spider-Man comic and TV show, Spidey is a joking hero.  We haven’t gotten that from the other films.  It is a part of his personality that I have missed.   I love the first 2 Rami films but my criticism (and my older brother’s criticism) is that Spider-Man never cracked any jokes.  That is so true.  Instead we got a whiny Spider-Man who couldn’t keep his mask on.  Also, I like that they are going with a Peter Parker that is still in high school.  That tells me this: they want to cast a young kid and they want that young kid to play Spider-Man for many, many years.  This could eventually be one of the main faces of the MCU after Downey Jr. and Evans are gone.  I think they will want an actor no older than 23 for the part.  They are going for 90s babies here, which makes me feel even older.  However, I still like what they are doing and I have full faith in Marvel (not so much in Sony but that’s another rant).

Hemsworth as Thor Countdown

So Chris Hemsworth (you know the guy who plays a god and has the LOOKS of a god) revealed he only has 3 films left on his contract.  I totally understand if he doesn’t re-up on his contract.  He’s played Thor over the span of 4 films over 6 years.  The dude might be tired of playing Thor.  However, we still have Thor 3 that will come out and then we can assume he’ll be in the two Avengers: Infinity Wars films.  Then what happens to the Thor character?  Does Hemsworth call it a day?  I’m going on the assumption that he will.  I think he’s been a great Thor and has really become a global star from this role.  I also believe that Marvel should not just try to replace Thor.  Remember, it’s really Thor’s hammer that holds the power of Thor.  As we have seen in the Marvel comics, Thor is now being portrayed as a woman.  So, if Marvel really wants to shake things up in the MCU they can go with a woman to replace Hemsworth.  Personally, I like it.  Right now, Black Widow is the only female in the MCU.  Captain Marvel will be a woman and she’s like the Superman of the Marvel Universe.  But so is Thor.  How cool would it be for two of the most powerful Marvel heroes be women?  I love it.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if they went with some other person to take over.  There are plenty of characters in Thor’s universe who could take over for a movie or two.  I’m super confident that Marvel could go this route.  Either way, we are coming to the end of the First Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk) and now who are going to be the New Avengers (we’ll have plenty of heroes to choose from: Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver and Spider-Man).  The MCU is going to get really interesting from this point forward because after Infinity War we’ll be looking at a team that may have none of the originals.

That’s it for today.  Hope you all are enjoying this.  You can email me anytime, just look at the home page.  Email me questions, comments feedback or even money offers.  I’ll take anything.  Thanks and see you at the movies.



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