Teaser of the Teaser Trailer Drops! New Star Wars Trailer! New Inside Out Trailer! Trailers galore!


It’s a day of trailers and I am here to break some of them down.

Inside Out Trailer

When I first saw this, I was super, super excited.  A new, original Pixar film.  Pixar’s movies have such a great reputation and such a high expectation, you can’t help but be excited for them.  This one was no different.  I thought the teaser back in December was absolutely hilarious and golden.  I loved this idea of different emotions in our head being able to control how we react.  But that teaser gave us the concept (which I loved) and not the story.  This full trailer gave the story.  And it focuses on the child, as her emotions of Sad and Joy get taken away from the main headquarters in the brain.  It’s their journey back to the HQ.  Let me say this: this film looks like it will be filled with fun, laughs and tears.  I bet there will be times you will tear up during this film (I was during the trailer).  This is most kids’ dream right?  We all want to imagine our emotions being these little people who control us; it’s a human condition.  Now we can actually see it.  The animation looks fantastic, the dialogue is spot on and I’m more than ever ready to give Pixar my money to see this.  I need to find another friend ready to watch it with me but that’s another challenge.  After all, going to see a Pixar film by yourself isn’t always perceived well.  So I’m hoping to be able to watch this when it comes out.  Add it to the list of movies to see when I get back to civilization (and the list is getting bigger.  Here’s what I have so far: Furious 7, Mad Max, Ant-Man, Avengers, Inside-Out, Spectre, and The Hateful 8.  I’m probably missing a few others in there as well).

Batman V. Superman Teaser of the Teaser Trailer

Not much here.  I watched it and it 1) doesn’t change how I feel about Zack Snyder, 2) doesn’t give a whole lot to the plot 3) still feels like a big money grab (the showings have already sold out) and 4) I like the costumes.  That’s about it.  22 seconds isn’t a lot of time to convey much in it.  The music will be fantastic, Danny Elfman always brings the goods.

My biggest issue with the film, and DC’s Cinematic Universe in general, is that Zack Snyder is way in over his head in my opinion.  The guy’s best films that I have seen were 300 and Watchmen.  Those aren’t bad movies but they aren’t awesome, epic movies.  His films all have that tint that takes away color and are void of humor and fun.  That works wonders for Watchmen, which should have that and films like 300.  I don’t see how it works for Justice League.  I don’t think it will work great.   And here’s the thing: DC needs Batman V. Superman to be great.  Good or OK won’t cut it.  This film needs to be great.  Like, 85%+ on Rotten Tomatoes great.  I would consider anything less a failure.  DC is putting all its base to belong to Zack Snyder and that makes me nervous.  I could be wrong and he could totally blow this out of the park.  Visually what he has released has looked awesome.  I love the Batmobile and I love some of the other images but it’s going to be the story and characters which drives this film.  I don’t see how that happens.  Moving on.

Star Wars Episode VII Trailer:

Oh.  My.  God.  I’m not the biggest Star Wars nerd in the world but I loved this trailer.  This gave us so many cool things.  I love the opening monologue.  And what I love about it, is that we aren’t entire sure who Luke is talking to.  Is he talking to a relative?  Is this relative going to be training?  Is that who was given the lightsaber?  Is Luke talking to another character (I think that female one in the trailer is who he is talking to)?  Remember: it’s not like if you are related to Luke and Lea you are automatically destined to have Force powers.  I think it would be cool for Luke to bring in a bounty hunter.  That puts a twist on things.  Better yet, have Luke be training both his relative (niece, nephew, daughter or son, whatever) and this bounty hunter.  I think that would be a lot of fun.  I’m so looking forward to seeing Luke training someone in the Force.  What kind of teacher will he be like?  How will he balance them between the Dark and the Light sides of the Force?

We also got to see that lightsaber being handed to somone.  Now, people have speculated that is the same lightsaber that Annikan had and that Luke lost in Episode V.  Who knows?  Can a lightsaber crash on a planet and not be destroyed?  Can it survive in space?  I DON’T KNOW.  BUT I WANT TO KNOW.

I also loved seeing the bits of the Empire.  But here’s the thing, that shot with all the stormtroopers (who look badass with the new look; it makes them look sleek.  Now if that only can help them improve their aim) turning and facing the camera, the insignia on the red flag was NOT of the Empire.  It was something different.  So, is the Empire aligned with some other force?  Is that the insignia of one of many generals trying to unite the remnants of the Empire?  Is it someone new, who is creating his or her own stormtrooper army?  Another thing I noticed was that red was prominent in the Empire.  What does this mean?  Does red hold some sort of significance for these forces?

That last shot of Han and Chewie really tied everything up nicely.  His words “welcome home” made me wonder if they don’t have the Millennium Falcon when they first are introduced.  Maybe they get the Falcon later in the film?  Either way, very cool moment.  It was a perfect ending.  We all really care about seeing Harrison Ford reprise his role as Han (who stole all 3 of the originals, by the way) and be right next to Chewie.  Very cool moment.

This whole thing reminded me a lot of how child/parent relationships work.  When a child is young (us), they look up to their parents (Star Wars), generate fun memories and have fun with silly games.  Then when the child becomes a teenager, the parents aren’t as cool; they make up these rules and all we want to do is sit and talk with our friends about penis and fart jokes.  But in your 20s that relationship changes.  The child is now a real adult with adult experiences and the relationship with the parent is more of an adult one.  It becomes fun to hang out with your parents again.  The first time you drink with your folks you realize how awesome they are.  This is kind of our Star Wars experience and how I felt about the latest trailer: there seem to be more mature ideas and more fleshed out ideas floating around but it’s the same franchise and you still have the awesome memories to back it up.  You begin to forget those teenage years and how much they sucked and how awful your relationship was.  Anyway, that was something I thought of.

That’s it for today.  Thanks everyone and see you at the movies!



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