A look back on new trailers and LEGO Movie news


It’s been a few days so you know it’s time for some more movie news and reviews!  I promise to keep this short and sweet.  Well, maybe just sweet.  We had a ton of different movie news items drop and I know you guys want the Critic from the Arctic to take a stab at them; a big moose stab.

Batman v. Superman Trailer Officially Released

Thanks sweaty dude with a cell phone!  Because of your courageous and top notch videography skills you have forced WB’s hand and made them give up the trailer!  When will these big studios learn?  The internet is full of people who want to spoil the good, the bad and the disgusting (two girls one cup, anyone?) for all of us.  You can tell these places are run by old white dude because anyone between the ages of 12-25 could have told you that this method of trying to be exclusive is going to fail.  Entire governments have fallen because of social media, do they really think they can stop a guy from recording a trailer and posting it online?  Hopefully this wakes them up.  Sure, being exclusive does cause buzz and makes those who can’t see it (like me) want to see it even more.  However, in the age we live in now, where everybody is so connected, it is ridiculous to assume something like this would be kept under wraps.  Now, onto the trailer itself.

Well, it’s serious.  This movie takes itself more seriously than Justin Bieber and Kanye West.  That’s pretty serious.  The whole thing lacked color and was very Snyder-esque.  I did like some things; it let us know a bit of the plot.  It gave us what Affleck will sound like as Batman (much better than Bale’s voice; Affleck doesn’t sound like someone who has chronically smoked for 40 years).  I did like that the events of Man of Steel do matter in this.  We all assumed it would bring Batman and Superman together and it did.  I also liked how the question of “what do we do with this all-powerful alien?” comes into play for this film.  It’s basic but it encapsulates DC and makes them different from Marvel.  Marvel is about flawed characters gaining powers and how they deal with that.  DC is about these empowered Pantheon-like Gods interacting with our world.  I enjoy that is how Superman is being looked at.  I love how we are getting Batman’s armor from Frank Miller’s novels.  I love it.  The look of Batman’s costume was great.

However, I didn’t feel like there was much difference in the portrayal of Superman and Batman.  Superman and Batman are opposites with similar goals.  Superman is a beacon of light, the ultimate good guy.  I should want to help an old woman cross the street after seeing a Superman film.  That is not Zack Snyder’s Superman; this guy needs to be full of angst and flawed.  I also don’t like seeing this film and thinking “Zack Snyder is Zack Snyder-ing it up.”  I’ll need to bring a flashlight to see this movie because it’s so dark.

Zack Snyder’s best work, in my opinion, is when he is working with previously created materials.  Watchmen is an example of that.  When he has to do something himself, like Sucker Punch, he can miss and miss hard.  So while I am happy to see things like Batman’s armor I know that Snyder has struggled with making things like this his own.

Overall, there was some good things and some bad things about this trailer.  Overall, it didn’t move the needle for me on excitement.  I’m probably going to see this movie and I may like it but I’m very cautious about this film.

Fantastic Four Trailer

This trailer was AWESOME!  I really liked it.  We got to see the character interaction and development.  I love the chemistry between Reed Richards and Sue Storm.  I love that Michael B. Jordan is playing Human Torch.  He is awesome in this role.  I also really like that they aren’t going with an evil blogger as Dr. Doom and are going with a real dude who looks really good as Doom.  This trailer strikes me as a dark horror-inspired type of film.  I love the cinematography of this film and there was a lot of dialogue.  I think The Thing looked amazing.  It was very realistic.  This does not look anything like the happy, bright and silly Fantastic Four films before and I love that.  This also seems to be taking a new approach to the FF and hopefully it adds a twist to the superhero genre as well.

You know, I was very skeptical of this film when I learned more about it.  Then the casting came out.  Then the director.  Then the posters and now this trailer.  You know, if someone came to me and said I could have 100-1 odds that after this disaster film, FF would be back with Marvel within 2 years, I would have taken that bet.  I feel like an idiot about it.  This film looks like it will KILL IT.  I’m totally stoked and jazzed for this.

‘LEGO Batman’, ‘Ninjago’, and ‘LEGO Movie Sequel’ Get New Release Dates

So, now we are getting a LEGO universe.  I can did LEGO Batman and a LEGO Movie Sequel.  I’m curious about Ninjago but looking at the picture of it, I’m interested.  I definitely think this could be a fun movie.  I’m totally into LEGO Batman.  Batman was one of the best parts of LEGO Movie and him getting a spin off film is great.  Will Arnett killed that role and I’m ready for more Batman!  With all the serious superhero movies coming out (Avengers, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Superman V. Batman, etc.) it’s nice to have something that is nothing but funny and light hearted.  Superhero movies are all the rage and I would love this to be a Spaceball-like spoof of these films.

Daredevil Finale

So I finished watching Daredevil.  I don’t have much else to say about this.  This series is crazy good.  Vincent D’Onofrio absolutely CRUSHED his role. He crushed it harder than the Grizzlies will crush the Blazers (might end up being a 5 game series now).  I love how everything tied up; everybody is happy, we don’t get a silly love triangle between the main protagonists and the villain wasn’t killed off.  I was totally taken aback when Ben Urich was killed off.  It was important to have Kingpin kill him off, too.  The Kingpin has a few things he cares about so much he’ll kill you himself and it involves the women in his life.  I really thought this was a well thought out, gritty and wonderful series.  Seeing Daredevil in his suit at the end felt like the ending of a film or the end of an awesome series.  If we get one season of this, I’ll take it; Marvel owns its properties like no one else.  This totally erases Ben Affleck’s Daredevil completely for me.  This was THAT good.

That will do it for me!  Hopefully I’ll see you all tomorrow!  I know I’m acting like I have readers but I really don’t.  If you are reading this past 4/20/15 then I commend you, good sir or madam.  Thanks for reading and go read my other stuff!  Oh, and definitely check out AMC Movie News and Screen Junkies Movie Fights.  Those guys and gals work really hard and you should check them out.  Until next time, I’ll see you at the movies!



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