The Stuff with Trailers


One thing I want to address is the copious amount of trailers we’ve been seeing.  This has been a crazy time for trailers.  While I’m not quite convinced that these studios aren’t just trying to one up on each other, we have been privileged to see the first trailer-one-ups-man-ship in a long time.  We should have put these studios in a cage match and it would have been just as epic.

We kick everything off with the new Star Wars teaser trailer.  Amazing and awesome.  I detailed that trailer in an earlier post.  BAM!  Disney just struck first.

Not to be outdone (or maybe because of a bad phone leak), Warner Bros. decides to release the first Batman V. Superman trailer.  I actually didn’t mind this one but it didn’t have the same thing.  If we were go make an Oscar category for trailer, Harrison Ford’s line in Star Wars would earn him “best actor” nominations.

Then we get a new Jurassic World trailer.  I didn’t see it but that is some more firing power.

Ant-Man is next.  His name is appropriate since this one is talked about the least.  The guy outgrows his size, though, because this trailer was pretty fun.  While aspects of it were very generic, the train scene was very good.  BAM!  Disney strikes again.

This is a royal rumble of trailers.  All we’re missing is for the lights to go out, everyone in the audience is wondering what’s going on then… OH MY GOD!!  IS THAT?!  THAT’S THE HUNGER GAMES!  THE HUNGER GAMES!  THE HUNGER GAMES HAS RETUNRED!  KATNISS!  KATNISS IS TAKING OUT ANYTHING THAT MOVES!  MY GOD, KING, BUSINESS HAS JUST PICKED UP!  (Imagine that in Jim Ross’s voice and it all makes sense.  Seriously, we should have a battle royal movie with all the following characters: Luke Skywalker, Katniss Everdeen, Ant-Man, Chris Pratt, Chris Pratt again [as Star Lord], Super-Batman [the Batman/Superman team, only for Batman to betray his tag team partner to set up the six month long feud] and Chris Pratt a third time.  Hell, throw Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Reynolds and Jared Leto in there for good measure.  If WWE can put that match on they would get all the money.  Seriously.  All of it.)

Look, I love all these trailers.  It’s fantastic.  In our ADD world it’s like the movies have already been released.  But I don’t like having all of these trailers released right after another.  Look, there is plenty of time to have your trailer go up, let it have its day in the sun.  We kept building and building and I’m glad we’re at a lull point because I need to breathe.  If there were any more big time trailers the internet would probably have broken.  I really like the internet.  On the other hand, I love that we got studios, or at least the perception of these studios, fighting out trying to one-up the other.  I love it.  This is what good competition is all about.

Well, as far as comic book movie news… Henry Cavill announced that Superman V. Batman is NOT a Man of Steel sequel.  I don’t know what to think about that except… DUH!  So that’s not super new or really surprising news to me.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Wednesday.  See you all tomorrow!


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