Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo! Spider-Man Title Rumors and Jared Leto’s Joker!


Hey everyone, here is part 2 of your double header of posts!  I want to let you know that even though it’s a Sunday, I wanted to get a post out about these exciting new developments and rumors!  When looking for these stories I noticed that I felt like a kid on Christmas.  Each story was its own present.  There were some socks then there was the Nintendo 64.  I also found myself yelling at Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights today because they totally didn’t like the Fantastic Four trailer (which I loved).  You should really check out Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights if you haven’t already.  Awesome stuff.  So onto the news!

Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo

OK, first… WE’RE GETTING BARON ZEMO!  I was ready to do a small dance party in my place but my roommate would have freaked out (he’s not much of a comic book fan).  But I love this news.  First, Baron Zemo in Cap 3 is the perfect villain; someone who can stay in the shadows and eventually bring together both sides of the story.  Now that we know the villain is Zemo, it’s probably going to be his son.  Remember, Zemo fought Cap in WWII and his son took the mantle of Baron Zemo after finding out Cap was alive.  Zemo is a great villain; master of martial arts and he could be leading the remnants of HYDRA.  He could help put something together that leads to him and Iron Man being on opposite sides.  But he won’t be the only villain because we’re getting Crossbones in it as well.  Civil War is turning into another Avengers film and I bet we’ll see Captain America get shot in this one.  I bet there is a good chance that Steve Rodgers will die in that film.  I know, right now it seems sacrilege to imagine an MCU without Captain America but it happened in the comics.  I think it could be a defining moment in the MCU and could be a major part in what Marvel constructs post original Avengers.

This third movie is going to be a major one.  I’m very convinced that one way and another this film is going to radically change the MCU.  With all the major heroes, the multiple villains this could end up being a cluster you-know-what but I think this is being built up for a very specific reason.  I think that what we are going to see from Marvel in Cap 3 will change the world beyond what is happening in Avengers.  I love how this film is turning out.  It’s like the start of the NBA playoffs; you can just look and see which series is going to be awesome (Spurs/Clippers) and which series is going to suck the life out of you (Nets/Hawks).  This film is going to Spurs/Clippers.

Spider-Man Solo Movie Title?

So, this is just a rumor, totally unconfirmed so it could be nothing.  On the other hand, multiple outlets are reporting that it could be real so I’m going to go with that for right now.  The working title is Spider-Man: The Next Avenger.  This is crazy on multiple levels.  First, it directly ties Sony with the MCU.  Remember, part of the agreement was that Sony was in charge of the solo films and Marvel gets the crossovers.  Now, that might indicate that this is a bad rumor because Sony may want to hold more rights to the film than what they are showing in this rumor.  I think that this is a fan boy’s title.  It’s a great title and totally foreshadows how Spider-Man will fit into Avengers but I see it as unlikely because this title would show that Marvel is the big dog and Sony is a just an employee to them.

But let’s go off and say this is the real title.  Then it is a GREAT title!  Just like with Captain America: The First Avenger, this will kick off our new group of Avengers.  And it would indicate that Spider-Man could be the leader of the group.  I love this title.  It also might mean that we’ll see a Spider-Man that goes from a Daredevil-like hero to working with the big boys on a bigger stage.  While I would enjoy seeing Spidey face against familiar foes, why not just throw him right into the fire with Avengers?  That’s what we’ve been waiting for so why would we want to wait for that?  Just let it be a big deal at this point.

It is such a heavy MCU title it would definitely be a separation from the other Spider-Man franchises.  It would mean a new era for Spider-Man.  And that’s what we have been looking for.

Jared Leto’s Joker

I have seen the picture.  And I like it!  Look, DC is trying to make this world “real” correct?  And if Batman has been around for a while that means the Joker has been around for a while, too, right?  So a Joker with tattoos might not be that far off.  Maybe the Joker got the tattoos early in his career as a villain?  Maybe he had some before he was the Joker?  Some of the criticisms are that this Joker looks like a creep at a concert selling drugs.  And?  Wouldn’t the Joker do something like that?  And then the drugs kill the kids and everyone at the concert?  You don’t think he would do that?  This is a totally new interpretation of the Joker and I would rather have that than a poor man’s version of Ledger’s or Nicholson’s Joker.  That’s terrible.  That would be worse than what they’re doing.  This Joker I can imagine existing in our world and that’s what they are going for.  I think this look is fine and works for what DC is doing.  However, I don’t like the grills.  That is a bit overkill (but again, that’s what DC is going for.

That’s it for today!  Have a great week!



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