Turtles and Tyler Perry? Scarlet Witch jumps into CIVIL WAR!


Hey everyone!  I’m back again for another exciting edition of my blog!  As always, I will be covering the news of movies and TV and backing it up with my witty writing.

Release Dates for Pacific Rim 2 and Warcraft

So, Pacific Rim 2 has been moved to August and Warcraft was moved to a June release date.  I actually don’t mind either move for this.  I think it’s a courageous move for Warcraft.  It’s being moved to a much more competitive time in the summer.  So the studio either a) thinks this movie is good enough to stand up to these others or b) this movie is really bad so they hope to mask it behind these other summer blockbusters.  There isn’t much middle ground for this one.  For Pacific Rim 2, this move to August is a bit different.  August is less competitive (thought that might be changing after Guardians of the Galaxy) so Pacific Rim 2 going there might mean a studio sees this as a dark horse to steal August.  Confidence wise?  I have more confidence in Pacific Rim 2 than Warcraft at this moment because we saw Pacific Rim be successful; we have yet to have a successful video game film.

Tyler Perry as Stockman

So it’s been announced that Tyler Perry is to play Victor Stockman in TMNT 2.  I’m wondering how this will all turn out.  Stockman in the original turtles franchise was a scientist who created the Mousers, a group of mechanical rats designed to hunt down mice.  Naturally, this causes conflict when the Mousers capture Splinter.  Stockman eventually mutates into a giant man-fly thing.  Look, this could be a good or bad thing.  I can see Stockman being just a scientist in TMNT 2, no mutation.  He could play a side villain working for the main baddie.  I would not want Perry to try and carry a film as the main villain and this might not be it.  Plus, you could always have a scene where Stockman mutates setting up his conflict with the Turtles in a future film.  The worst case scenario would be Stockman not only as the main villain but we see him as human and mutant (ala Venom in Spider-Man 3).  Unfortunately, I don’t discount anything that Michael Bay is a part of, so the worst case scenario is certainly there.  I don’t have confidence in Perry being able to pull that later idea off.  As a side villain who could pop up later against the Turtles (like Scarecrow in the Dark Knight Trilogy)?  That I can buy.

Scarlet Witch in Cap 3:

So it’s been confirmed from the youngest Olsen that Scarlet Witch will be in Captain America 3: Civil War.  I am totally on board with this one.  First, it shows that Scarlet Witch is NOT going to die in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Secondly, she is probably going to become a hero.  Third, this adds another female hero to the MCU (which they desperately need).  Plus, she’s a hero who actually has powers, unlike Black Widow who is just a really good spy.  I’m happy this is how Marvel is going about it.  One question about her addition, though: does this mean we’ll get Vision?  Look, I’m not a huge fan of Marvel going with the Vision/Scarlet Witch romance; it just doesn’t work right now.  I know, it can be a great metaphor for how the country is going but do you really see Marvel going for that at this moment?  I also don’t think the majority of the audience would buy into this idea.  Anyway, Scarlett Witch is an important part of the Avengers in the comics and it’s nice to know that she is getting that treatment here.

And this means that Scarlet Witch has a future as part of the “New” Avengers when the others retire.  That’s what I’m excited about.  We could have an awesome lineup for the “New” Avengers after Phase 3 (ending with the Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2).  With the amount of heroes we’re getting in Phase 3 the “New” Avengers could look something like this: Scarlet Witch, Vision, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ant-Man and Quicksilver.  That’s not including other potential characters like Falcon and War Machine.

It took me a while to upload this blog so I’ll be posting another one right after this with more current news.


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