TMNT villain, Infinity Wars Shot Together, New Nightcrawler image


Happy Monday, everybody!  It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Fort Yukon.  The sun greeted me at 5am when I woke up to go to the bathroom and it will stay here after I go to sleep.  I’ll be in bed by 9:30pm and the sun will still be up.

One thing I saw before we get into the day’s news: Paramount is sending a copy of Selma to all public and private high schools in America.  To me, this is wicked cool.  With the way school districts have to cut back in the last few years, how the public has turned on teachers and all the other struggles (I’ve spent a lot of money on my own materials this year) it’s really nice to see a company do charitable work.  I’ll be teaching US history next year and Selma will be an awesome film to show the kids to enhance and illustrate the civil rights movement.

It will be something that I won’t have to pay for (newsflash: teachers’ pay for a lot of our own materials) and I can build a lesson around the film.  So this is great news and definite props to Paramount for doing this.

TMNT 2 gets a New Shredder

So Brian Tee has been casted as the new Shredder.  Didn’t he die in a 100 foot fall in the last film?  What the hell is up with this film?  Now, we get Shredder again plus Bebop and Rocksteady plus Stockman…  Not to mention we’re getting Casey Jones.  Now, this could be awesome.  We’re going to get some kickass action and some very cool effects.  I’m hoping this film will be good, really good, but I also see this being a cluster and ends up being out of control.  That, and having Megan Fox returning.

Now, Brian Tee doesn’t have a lot of good films to add to his name.  He was in Furious 7 and in The Wolverine.  But he hasn’t been in a lot of films or a lot of good films so his talent is still up in the air.  I think he could be good as Shredder, especially if he is super Shredder.  However, Super Shredder doesn’t have a lot of dialogue.  Also, is Super Shredder going to be the guy going to Stockman, force him to make more mutagen and create the other villains?  I don’t know.  But back to Brian, I’m nervous because he just doesn’t have a resume that screams “HIT” to me.

This has a good chance of being another Michael Bay film: lots of action, lots of ass (Fox) and lots of little character development or storytelling.

Infinity Wars to be Filmed Back to Back

Well, this is the non-shocker of shockers.  Infinity Wars is going to be treated as a singular film and will close out the first major chapter of the MCU.  This is no surprise.  I think it’s a good idea because the films will flow through well and they give the actors a big break (remember, we’re getting Captain Marvel and Black Panther in between the Infinity films) to promote the film.  Marvel knows what it will be doing.  Yes, it will take 9 months but look at the first Lord of the Rings trilogy; it turned out well for them.

Now, other rumors that have come out is that there could be more villains than just Thanos.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  On one hand, you don’t want to waste a potentially good villain in exchange for Thanos’ goon and someone that the heroes can beat easily.  You might want a “semi” tough villain but there are so many different villains that Marvel can pick a few that aren’t well known.  Throw in Maelstrom to be a villain, throw in Mangog, there are other options they can use.  But they need to be careful: they need to continue to have villains for Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy.  They can’t throw in too many villains to ally with Thanos.

New Nightcrawler Image

I LOVE this image!  Remember, we’ve seen Nightcrawler in the modern time (from X2) and now we get to see him younger.  So this shows that Singler has a very good vision for his films and I really like that Singler is thinking of these types of things.  I like the outfit and I like how he is a kid; all of the X-Men are going to be kids.  However, one thing I am wondering is how the X-Men don’t remember Nightcrawler from the second one?  But also it seems like Fox is picking and choosing what they want from the films.  I’m fine with that.  Nightcrawler has awesome powers and that scene in X2 was just a perfect display of Nightcrawler’s powers.  Singler had a great direction for the X-Men franchise and got it back on track with X-Men: Days of Future Past.  So I trust his vision for this film.

As long as Nightcrawler has a great personality and great powers, I think he will be fine.

That’s all I have for right now!  Have a great Monday and this was the start of a great week!



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