New Suicide Squad Photos, Josh Trank is GONE, Casey JONES!!, Hulk SMASH weekend Box Office


Well, it’s been about a week since I have delivered some news.  I’m in the final two weeks of the year.  I have a feeling that this week might be my last week of instruction because of all the end of year school activities we have planned.  So, I’m been abnormally busy and exhausted (teaching is tough, who knew?).  But I wanted to get in a blog entry for all the millions (AND MILLIONS) of readings (total: 0). So, to add the most-interesting-blog-that-no-one-knows-about, here we go!

New Suicide Squad Photos!

So, we got introduced to Jared Leto’s Joker a week ago and now we get two new photos!  The people I was most interested in with seeing was Will Smith (duh) as Deadshot (wanting to see how Will Smith looks with a badass character like Deadshot is a no brainer.  If anyone was more interested in seeing another character besides this one is like something picking Pacquio to win against Mayweather).  And he looked BADASS!  I would take that Deadshot in a fight against the Predator.  This Deadshot plus Smith’s charisma gets me more excited than Snyder’s Batman V. Superman (I said it and I don’t regret it).  Then seeing Harley Quinn… She looks crazy and beautiful.  She stands out among the group and she will shine in this film.  I love the style of her.

The rest of the group, well, looks bland.  I mean, Killer Croc looks cool but the rest just seem very generic.  It reminds me of a band of SWAT guys in a horror flick; you know half of them will die.  I didn’t realize how many characters are in the Squad.  I’m wondering how all of them will get appropriate screen time; which means that they won’t.  A bunch of them will die.  They seem super dark and super gritty.  But then you read the names and some are downright silly, like Captain Boomerang.  I hope he dies early or that they make fun of him throughout.

What I notice is that the Joker was not in this photo.  That must be on purpose.  The Joker could be someone they rescue, could be someone who they are going after.  The Joker is not part of the Suicide Squad.  I would love to see Harley Quinn turn on the group, Hulk Hogan style, on the Squad.  That would be a great way to end the film.  With Suicide Squad, it seems like a group and film that would lend itself to an unhappy ending; the good guys can’t win.

But man, Smith’s Deadshot looks dead on (ouch, that hurt me to type.  If I’m at the Apollo, I just drop the mic and leave) and Harley Quinn stand out to me.  This is going to be the most dysfunctional and out of control film so far.

Josh Trank is GONE!

So, Josh Trank is no longer going to be directing Rogue One.  This is crazy.  He just… Left.  It all feels weird.  However, with Fantastic Four coming out, it could be that Trank had to make a choice between the two.  The amount of pressure of doing this Star Wars spinoff is huge.  On top of trying to reinvent the Fantastic Four, this guy must be feeling some burnout.

I’m not going to speculate as to why Josh Trank has left but maybe we’ll find some lost footage that explains it.  Look, the guy has talent; I enjoyed Chronicle but he was taking on too many big projects too fast.  Trank is guy who had one great game and people were going to overpay for him and then he starts to break down.  Think Gilbert Arenas (though not as crazy, unless Trank brought a gun to set and threatened the cast to pay him in a bet.  Actually, that could be a fun trailer.  I can see it now.  “Next Summer, see how one director held his crew hostage until he got out of his contract.  But you’ll never guess who is out for revenge [cue in Mickey Mouse].  Disney would get all the money.  Then get sued but they can take a few lawsuits.)

Look, I don’t think this will spell the death of this film.  Disney and Lucasfilms are going ahead with the project and they will find a great director to pick up.  However, they don’t have a ton of time because this film is going to come out soon after Episode VII.  So, they need to get a director and they need one soon.


OK, so I was in the CM Punk for Casey Jones camp.  I’m also very leery of anything Michael Bay.  One thing that can’t be disputed with Bay’s films, though: they always look good.  They always look well done.  Visually they’re great.  So, it was no surprise when a picture of Casey Jones was tweeted out.  He looks awesome.  The mask was a badass and he has his signature hockey stick.

I’m also a fan of the actor, Stephen Amell, I love him as Green Arrow.  He can carry himself as a great rich Ollie and hurt hero.  I really like his look and his actor.  He can be a big action star.  However, he isn’t doing himself any favors by being Casey Jones.  Jones is not supposed to be a good looking guy; he gruff, he’s an ordinary guy.  But that’s not Stephen Amell.  This is a Bay film so everyone must look like a model.

Avengers Own the Box Office

Avengers has made $187 million this weekend.  I don’t think anyone be surprised about this.  We knew they were going to own the box office this weekend.  You know the worst part of this?  I’m not going to see it for another 3 weeks. Ugh.  Sometimes I hate being in such a small village. That’s about all I have to say about this.  I do think that this film will beat its money record of over a billion dollars.  It will run for months.  Yes, there are some competitive films that will be coming out but Avengers is the biggest and baddest film for a while.

That’s it for this week.  There are a lot of news while I was gone but we will have more this week!  I hope to get more posts this week!  See you then!



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