Marvel in Final Spider-Man Talks and Trouble in Little China Remake


So, apparently Marvel has two actors who are the “finalists” for the role of Spider-Man.  I put that in quotes because I think this is the worst kept secret since The Fappening.  Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland are reportedly auditioning for Peter Parker.  Look, this is really cute and I bet Marvel is hoping people haven’t assumed that Butterfield is Spider-Man.  However, I, like AMC’s John Campea believe that Marvel has had their Peter Parker for months.  Hell, for all we know, Marvel has used these “auditions” as a way for them to get Spider-Man footage for Asa to use in a future film (Captain America anyone?).  I have no problem with them trying to keep this a secret.  I really want them to keep this under wraps.  This is their big secret.  The Freemasons don’t want to keep their secrets as much as Marvel wants to keep Spider-Man’s secret actor.  I really hope that Marvel tries to keep this going; I hope they continue to string people along.  I want to be surprised when I first see Spider-Man.  I want to be surprised when the mask is off and we realize “holy crap, they went with HIM?  Why didn’t they announce it?!”  I think the film should be the announcement.  Make the dude who gets the part sign a confidentiality contract with his blood, keep closed sets and if anyone talks, just get rid of them.  Work the internet and reporters like the WWE has worked the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC).  Feed fake news.  “Leak” that Spider-Man will make his first appearance in Captain America but have him show up in Ant-Man.  I would lose my bowels if that happened.

They could totally drag this out and make people panic or wonder while at the same time Kevin Feige sits on a chair at the top of a tower like a mad genius.  I think that would be fantastic.

Now, I believe that Butterfield will be Spider-Man and I think Marvel has known this for a while.  This is just my speculation but I think that Butterfield is their guy.  Now while I didn’t like Ender’s Game, I don’t put that on Butterfield.  I thought his acting was quite flat and wooden in that film but it sounds like he has done well in his other work.  Plus, I haven’t been disappointed by a Marvel casting and I doubt they would put their most popular hero in the hands of a poor actor.  So, I’m buying Butterfield.  I think he’ll do a great job.

The other question is why would Marvel bring in TWO actors if they already have their Peter Parker casted?  I don’t think Marvel is going to follow through with the scenario I wrote above but I think what they are doing is that Tom Holland might be auditioning for another role.  Who else could he play?  A skinny, young kid in a Spider-Man film?  It could possibly be Harry Osborne.  That would be interesting but I think that Spider-Man has such a great Rogues Gallery that he doesn’t have to be that.  Plus, we’ve seen two incarnations of the Osbornes and I’m pretty tired of that.  Let’s get some other villains in there.  I think that he could play a character that is technology based such as Beetle or someone like Hydro-Man.  I also like the idea of introducing Holland as Eddie Brock.  I’m not against the idea of having Brock be a mirror to Peter Parker.  There are other characters to focus on so IF, and that’s a big if, Holland is auditioning for a different part than Peter Parker.

The Rock’s cookin coming to Little China

So, according to the Warp, Dwayne Johnson is being offered the iconic role that Kurt Russell popularized in the film, Big Trouble in Little China.  The screenplay is being written by the same people who wrote X-Men: First Class.  At this point, I don’t see how Johnson can go wrong.  He has such an aura and charisma about him, he has really transferred over to a very respectable actor.  He has been making some very smart choices since leaving Disney.  From the Fast Franchise to San Andreas and other films, Johnson has become the major action star of this generation.  He is bigger than Stathem and his reputation as an actor is now at a point that people want to see his films for him.  Sure San Andreas is not doing well but it sounds like he tried to make the most of garbage.  It’s funny, I watched Johnson in the WWE starting in 2000 and really never seen many of his films.  However, he is the reason why I am into professional wrestling.  He is the reason why I continue to watch pro wrestling today.  And it’s because of his unparalleled charisma.

I think he could really bring something to this role.  However, between this and playing Black Adam I’m starting to wonder what Johnson’s acting chops are like.  The worst thing to be is to be shoehorned as a particular actor: action star, indie star, etc.  I would like to see him really stretch his acting chops to include some dramatic roles.  We know he is into the big budget blockbusters but it would be great to see him become more of a dramatic actor.

Still, love this news, though.  I but Johnson in this role HUGE.

That’s about it for today.  I think what I’m going to do as an addition to some of the news bits (because really, there are only posters and images that are going on right now) is to begin reviewing different superhero films (maybe films in general) that I haven’t seen.  Last time I watched Man of Steel and wrote a review on that.  Tomorrow I plan on watching Big Hero 6.  Thanks and look right here for film news and opinions!



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