Big Hero 6 Review, Spider-Man Easter Egg, Star Wars: Anthology Plot, Good Dinosaur Trailer


Hey everyone!  This will be the first time in a long time that I’m able to write two blog posts in consecutive days.  We have a lot to go over and here we go!

Big Hero 6 is Big Time Fun

So, I said I would start watching films and reviewing them in addition to other cinema news.  I decided to start with Big Hero 6 because it’s based on a comic and I haven’t seen that one.  Also, it’s one I really wanted to see.  I will say, like all films, this had some positives and some negatives.  But unlike some films, this one has a lot of positives.

One thing I really liked was how this film made us care about a robot.  A robot.  I’m always amazed how Disney or Pixar are able to make us care about non-human characters.  This one really was touching.  I cared more about Baymax than about Wall-E.  That’s incredible because I really, really liked the Wall-E character.  I thoroughly wanted Hiro to keep Baymax the same and not reprogram him.  Baymax had such a great innocence and kept it throughout the film while having a great deal of charm to him as well.  Baymax is our younger cousin with an infinite amount of medical knowledge.  His dynamic with Hiro made Hiro grow as a character because now instead of having an older brother to look out for him, Hiro had to look out for Baymax.  It really showed tremendous growth.

I also really liked Hiro.  Sure, we’ve seen a similar character like this before but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.  If done right that type of character can be very entertaining.  It’s like pizza; everyone’s had a lot of pizza but if pizza is done right it’s excellent.  Hiro’s character as a too-cool rebellious teenage genius not living up to his or her potential is something we’ve seen before.  But it was done very well and very touching.  I enjoyed seeing this character’s growth and really felt his pain over the loss of his brother.  The most emotional pinnacle of this film made me tear up.  It’s because the dialogue was just perfect.  Hiro knew his brother was dead but he wasn’t gone.  He also realized he was doing his brother a disservice by going out for revenge.  He realized that his brother lives on in Baymax, which is why leaving him at the end was such a painful and emotional moment.

The combination of those two really hit the emotional parts home.  I really felt the emotion because the charm and banter and chemistry between these characters was so real.  I was sucked into their relationship because of the acting and the dialogue of this film.  It was great.

However, the villain of the story was pretty predictable.  The villain felt more of a catalyst for the story instead of being an important figure.  I felt little to nothing for the villain because it was more of a device and an archetype than a fleshed out character.  It seemed like the villain was a side note.

The other character issue I had was with the supporting characters. They were so generic and flat that I had little interest in them.  From the first scene they were in they were shoehorned in specific roles; they did not break from those particular roles or evolve as characters.  However, I really enjoyed Fred and how he seemed to realize that they were heroes in this; it felt like he was aware of his world.  I thought Fred was the best because he was given more depth as a character; he had some other qualities about him and his past that made him and intriguing character.

I will say that visually this world was fantastic.  It visually looked awesome.  I loved that the city’s name, San Fransokyo, wasn’t made into a big deal nor was the name thrown around everywhere; they made it normal and treated it as such.

For everything that was negative I don’t mind because this film was about Hiro and Baymax.  And those two really carried this film to new heights and made it highly entertaining to watch.


Spider-Man and Ant-Man?!

So, the latest rumor is that there will be a Spider-Man Easter Egg in Ant-Man.  I will say that it probably won’t be a scene because they would have to work really fast to make that happen but I could totally see some type of Easter egg happen.  Look, Ant-Man was doing reshoots after the Spider-Man announcement happened so there totally could be some sort of Easter egg.  I wouldn’t be surprised and the thing is, nerds like myself can totally go nuts over it while the rest of the world may or may not see it and get hyped.  The bigger question is what this Easter egg will be.  I’m thinking it could very well be a shot of the Daily Bugle.  That would make sense, or it could be a photo of Ant-Man in a Daily Bugle photo that has Peter Parker’s name on it.  Any of those possibilities could happen.  I don’t think it’ll be something about Parker or Spider-Man himself but I could see a Daily Bugle article.  I buy it because Marvel needs to give the fans something since there was nothing at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Any sort of news will get their fan base going CRAZY.  It’s like Puritans being allowed to drink; you don’t want to go crazy on the first day, you’d rather start slow and work your way up.

Star Wars Anthology Plot Revealed?

So, it looks like the second Star Wars Anthology film will be about Boba Fett and his origin.  No, I don’t think it’ll be even close to the explanation in Episode II.  I think we’ll get something a bit more than that.  We’ll see what happens to this character and how he became the biggest bounty hunter in the galaxy.  And now the Schmoes Know is apparently reporting that Han Solo will make an appearance.  I buy both.  I want to learn more about Bobba Fett; he is such an awesome yet mysterious character.  With the complete reboot of canon we can take a new take on Bobba Fett.  I want to know about him more.  And adding in Solo, one of the most charismatic sci-fi characters of all time, will do nothing but help.  So I buy everything I’m hearing.

So now I’m wondering something: will they bring back Harrison Ford or will they go with someone else?  Seeing that they could CGI Ford to look young and it can look good, I wouldn’t want to go this route.  I don’t mind change with these films and because this film takes place so far before the first film, I would like to see a younger version of Han Solo.  Get a new actor in here.  Ford is really old and by the time this film shoots he’ll be older.  It’s absolutely no disrespect for Ford but if Disney and Lucasfilm want to continue using the character they will have to recast at some point.  I don’t think they will be able to use Ford in this new trilogy and the Anthology films; get someone new and we may get a new Solo actor who could help make more films about the character for years to come.

Good Dinosaur Teaser

OK, this was just a teaser but a few things.  One, I don’t like the direction of the animation.  It looks bad.  It looks overly cartoony, like a Cartoon Network original show from 15 years ago.  It looks pretty poor animation quality, not sharp or realistic or even proportional.  Also, the idea of the dinosaurs still existing with humans is a concept that’s been done but like I’ve said before it can be something that, if done well, can work.  There’s nothing terribly offensive or even entertaining from what I saw.  This is something that is going under the radar but you know what?  If this was Fox or Sony or Dreamworks I’d be worried but this is Pixar.  I think this will be a hit and I think it’ll still be very enjoyable even with the poor animation.  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll like it the more I see it.

That’s all we got for today!  Thanks everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow for another review.  I haven’t decided what I’ll watch yet but you can be sure I’ll watch something.  Maybe I’ll check out Mad Max tomorrow in theaters.



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