Guardians 2 first draft completed, Brian Singer releases another photo, Marvel/Netflix Phase 2 and Justice League animated trailer!


Well, today ended up being a big day.  There is so much news to report on!  As always, the Movie Man has something to say about all of this.

James Gunn Completes (a first draft of) Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Script

So, as the title says, James Gunn got done with the first draft for one of the most anticipated sequels, Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Gunn tweeted out that he had completed it.  Not only did he get it done but he even apparently sent a copy off to Chris Pratt who read it.  Pratt said that the story brought him to tears.  Here’s what Pratt had to say:

“What I will say is that his pitch and his idea legitimately put tears in my eyes.  It is so good. It’s so good. And I cannot wait to get started on it and I cannot wait for people to see what he’s gonna to pull off with the second movie. It’s gonna be so, so big and so good. From what I understand, they were like – they heard it at Marvel and they said nothing. They were like, perfect. There was no micromanaging of the idea. They just loved it so much that they didn’t have a note for it. It’s going to be remarkable.”

That is damn good praise from your star.  And when Gunn pitched his idea to Marvel they also loved it and let him go with it.

First, I love that Marvel is taking a step back and letting Gunn own this.  We know that Gunn is super talented so to let him do his own thing is brilliant.  You wouldn’t want to micromanage Doc Brown and you sure as hell don’t want to micromanage Marvel’s own mad scientist James Gunn.  Also, it’s rumored that GotG 2 will have one less character.  I think this is a nice change of pace.  We had Age of Ultron crammed full of characters and Captain America will also have its fill of new characters as well.  It’s nice that an ensemble film will be taking those back a bit.

I also love that so many people are excited about the project.  If Gunn was doing this for a paycheck or burned out it would show and probably produce a poor film; however, he couldn’t wait to get back to writing about these characters and this world.  Even though Marvel won’t say this is a lead in to the Infinity Wars I can’t imagine we won’t get something about the Infinity Stones.  They are so integral to Marvel.  Though it might be possible to avoid them.  The other films where the Time Stone and the Soul Stone can pop up would be Thor: Ragnarok and Dr. Strange.  It would also be strange for the Guardians to not interact with Thanos at all in this film.  Maybe what happened is that Gunn is so in tune with what Marvel is doing that he’s ready to bring in some of those elements.  Will they drive the film?  Probably not but they could very well be in the background.  Thanos could be like a wallflower at a high school dance.  Either way, I loved reading this bit of news.

We got Cerebro!

So I’m not going to spend a bunch of time on this but Brian Singer tweeted out another X-Men photo, this time of the telepathic device known as Cerebro.  My reaction was “meh.”  This wasn’t like Nightcrawler or the visual of Jean Grey and Jubilee.  This isn’t a crucial piece.  I wasn’t up all night waiting to hear if Cerebro was going to be in X-Men: Apocalypse.  However, what this does speak to is similar to Gunn: Singer loves this universe and loves this mythos.  That’s what sometimes drags comic book films down; when a director’s heart is not in the film it tends to be pretty poor.

Look at some of the directors who really care about the comic book material they are working with: Singer, Gunn, Wright, and (dare I say it) Snyder.  We are in a golden age of comic book films and they will probably never be this popular ever again.  I actually think we hit the pinnacle with the first Avengers.  I think in the next 4-5 years we’ll see an oversaturation with the last big ones being Avengers: Infinity Wars Parts 1 & 2.  Hmmm, maybe Tomorrowland really does have a solid point here.

Marvel and Netflix Phase 2

I love how we’re calling this Marvel and Netflix partnerships in phases and totally disregarding Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter.  Anyway, there is talk that Marvel wants to expand beyond Daredevil and the Defenders.  I mean, who would have seen that coming?  It’s about as surprising as knowing that Independence Day is on the 4th of July.  Anyway, the characters they brought up to pitch for shows were very interesting: Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade.  What’s interesting is that I feel like Blade and Punisher could translate wonderfully on the small screen.  Punisher is made as a serial violent drama.  He goes around and beats up criminals.  It could be given a very NBC “Pretender” type of show.  The Pretender was about a guy who was a nomad running away from the law.  That kind of show would work really well for Punisher.  Also, because it’s on Netflix they could go more dark and violent, as shown by Daredevil.  Not only that, Marvel won’t have to worry about appealing to a broader audience and could focus on the dire-hard fans.  Speaking of die hard, maybe they should have a crossover with John McClane and the Punisher.

Blade would also work well.  He’s a superhero who fights vampires.  With Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man delving into humans purposefully manipulating themselves to become stronger and live in this crazy world, it could work to have Blade be in there.  Tweak the origin story and you have something that could really fit into this universe.  What also works well is that this character (while successful cinematically) feels more like a TV show.

The thing is, those two characters are dealing with street criminals and the like.  They aren’t flying around saving the world and that’s a big difference I see between the small screen universe and the silver screen universes.  Have the Netflix guys deal primarily with what’s going on in a city instead of what’s going on globally.

That’s where Ghost Rider seems a bit strange.  The guy fits perfectly into the world of Dr. Strange and while he may not be great for the big screen (thanks Nick Cage), he doesn’t seem good for the small screen because his adventures seem so global.  Also, out of the three this one seems the most expensive with the least amount of revenue.  So, I’m not totally down for this.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Trailer

So, I don’t have much to say about this trailer but… Hmmm.  This, at the very least is interesting.  First, the animation looks awesome.  Secondly, this is an online series with Machinima which means they are probably going for the adult audience and not just kids.  The characters do not look like their counterparts at all.  This could open the door to some awesome crossovers.  Also, Bruce Timm is helming this project so I’ll buy anything Bruce Timm is making.  He could have TV series about a guy sitting in front of his computer typing nonsense all day and I’d still buy it.  The guy is pure money.  So I’m totally buying this.  It’s a new take on all the characters and it looks very fresh.

That’s it for today!  What a great day to be a comic book film fan!

Movie Man Greg


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