Changing the Conversation: Women and the Box Office

This is a very spot on, post. We need more chances for females leading the box office. In the superhero world, the fact that we haven’t gotten a Black Widow or Wonder Woman solo film is disheartening.

Cinema Axis

Tomrrowland 2

Casey Newton is the hero the future, and cinema in general, needs. She is extremely intelligent, determined, optimistic, and is willing to sacrifice everything for causes she feels are just. Even if it means sabotaging equipment that will be used to demolish a NASA launch pad – once the demolition is complete her father, a NASA, engineer, will be out of a job. Newton is the ultimate symbol of hope. The dreamer who can see the light through the grim death obsessed fog that mankind exists in.

Yet no one is talking about her.

One of two key female characters – the other being the artificial intelligence known as Athena – in Brad Bird’s ambitious, though not always effective, film Tomorrowland, Newton (played perfectly by Britt Robertson) has gone relatively unnoticed in a summer season where women have come out swinging. While I had some issues with Newton becoming…

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