Mad Max Review!

OK, so here I am for another day, another dollar.  Or quarter.  Or dime.  Or really, nothing.  I don’t get paid for this.  But to let you in on a little secret, I’m watching Transformers from 1986 right now and the opening credits is better than anything Michael Bay has done.  So, yeah, there is a lot of news and I may just throw in something about the Transformers movie every once and a while.



It’s the same Optimus Prime voice but this guy is the best.

Decepti-creeps, thanks, Ironhide.

OK, onto Mad Max review

Mad Max: Fury Road Review:

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H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P.  This film was an adrenaline and heart pounding film right from the stop. (A little energon and a lot of luck – Optimus.  One of the best lines of the series)  OK, so the film follows Mad Max and his journey in a dystopian future that was based on oil (WE NEED TO FIND ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES – Mad Max.  Science).  Mad Max is captured and held prisoner by a dude who owns water. (By the way, Transformers has the best hair-metal 1980s band soundtrack of all time.  In second place is Spinal Tap.  Yes, I just said the Transformers film has a better soundtrack than Spinal Tap.  I said it.  By the way, I thought Ironhide would live when I was a kid.  Boy was I wrong about that.  That was really traumatizing for me.  Seriously)

Mad Max eventually escapes and is on a journey with Furiousa to find a new life in a green life. (OK, Daniel’s hoverboard is awesome.  I love the song that goes along with it.  I still remember the lyrics.  ‘DARE!  DARE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN SURVIVE!  THE POWER IS THERE FOR YOUR COMMAND! DARE!)  Charlize Theron absolutely does wonders here.  She is so confident, menacing and intimidating all at the same time.  She is absolutely fantastic in this role.  I love how, even without speaking, I understood the character and related to the character within the first 10 minutes of seeing her on screen.  The other girls might be tropes but they are beautiful and well done tropes; they play their parts very well.

One thing I want to mention about the direction of this film; George Miller has a lot of explosions and mad chase scenes but I feel each and every single one.  Part of the reason is that we see the people who are driving and sometimes we even get a zoom in before they crash which adds more humanity and realism to the film.  Mad Max is a side character to Charlize’s Furiousa.  Tom Hardy really plays the recluse hero incredibly well; I wanted to know more about him by the end of the film.

What I loved is that by the time the film ended I couldn’t believe we were already at 2 hours.  Not many films do that.  This film was constant action but it was raw action with real emotions and stakes throughout; if the characters lost these stakes they would lose their lives and their lives is all they have in such a wasteland.  I love how Max’s past continues to haunt him; I haven’t seen the other films but it would make sense that events that happened there in a dystopian future would still affect him now.

I loved the action, I absolutely loved the visuals, and acting, the angles, the dialogue and the soundtrack were all top notch. When the villain-turned-hero dies in the end, I understood it, I knew it was happening but I was still sad.  That’s what a great film should be doing for the audience.  It grabs tightly, takes you on a wild ride and allows you to engage and feel with the characters.  I could feel every crash, hear every gunshot, my heart raced when danger arrived.  This film had so much going for it I could only give it one rating:

I would pay twice as much to see it in theaters (I’m changing my rating system because I hate the others [stars, grades or percentages].  If films are subjective I’m going to give a subjective rating, dammit!)

Now, onto some news!

Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer:

So I have never seen the first part (I plan on changing that tomorrow) but I really dug the trailer.  It feels so epic and feels like we will finally have the conclusion to this film.  Jennifer Lawrence seems super badass in this film and the music really does it for me.  They are bringing in all the major tropes and guns into this trailer and I love it.  I want to know how this story ends, I want to see Katniss finally overcome and overthrow the governor.  I liked that we had her giving a damn well done speech; we are seeing Katniss evolve from a shy girl to a symbol to finally a leader for the future.  That’s what we want from this trailer and we are getting it.

I really liked Catching Fire, more so than Hunger Games.  I think that Catching Fire made this tween type of film more of a serious genre; it could be a fantastic film series.  This did what Twilight couldn’t do and make men as well as tween girls excited to see the conclusion of the film.  This series has more widespread appeal than Oprah and that’s saying a lot.

Mockingjay Part 2 comes to theaters November 20, 2015.

Jon Bernthal is the new Punisher!

image from

So, remember when I wrote about Punisher getting a series on Netflix?  Well, it looks like he’ll be introduced in Daredevil season two and will be portrayed by none other than Jon Bernthal.  Bernthal is famous for playing Shane on Walking Dead.  I will say this is a great casting.  Bernthal was able to play the dark, brooding and sadistic character to a tee on Walking Dead; he should be able to pull off Frank Castle on Daredevil.  I love how Daredevil is becoming the Iron Man of the Marvel/Netflix Television Universe; it will be the driving force to introduce all these characters.

I hope that Punisher is introduced in Daredevil and has an opportunity to spin off into his own show.  It works so well for Daredevil; they can be opposites on one issue and then be teaming up in the next.  That’s what’s great about this; by introducing Punisher it wets the appetites of the die hard fans (because they are the ones who will primarily be watching the show).  Then when Punisher comes out with his own show, the fans will love it.

Because of Berenthal’s credentials and acting chops are being use for this medium, Marvel is basically saying to the world that it is serious about the television world and wants to create high quality programming.  Berenthal is no scrub; he’s not a Jamarcus Russell, this guy is a serious actor and can really bring to the screen exactly what fans want.

That’s all I have for today!  Thanks, everyone and have a great Tuesday!  See you on Wednesday!

Movie Man Greg


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