Chronicles of Narnia Script finished, Marvel Recast Heroes?

Hey everyone, I’m back again for the latest news in film as well as some thoughts.

Before we get started, I firmly believe that we are in a slump for film news.  Why?  Well, Comic Con is right around the corner, which means lots of studios are prepping for that and will have news after Comic Con.  The other reason is that so many of the big films are already being released.  Fast and Furious, Tomorrowland, Inside Out, Avengers, Spy, Jurassic World, Ted 2 and many others have been released.  With all of the big films out, what are we going to report on?  There isn’t a lot to talk about and I’ve noticed a definite slow turn on the news.

Speaking of news, here are some headlines that caught my eye.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair script is completed

So the writer of the script, David Magee (Life of Pi) has just finished the final draft of Silver Chair, the fourth installment of the Chronicles of Narnia series.  So, apparently, the film rights went back to the CS Lewis camp and that has stalled the development of the series.  While Walden Media wanted to make The Magician’s Nephew, the CS Lewis Company didn’t.  The Magician’s Nephew was written as the fourth book but in the universes timeline it is the first film in the series.

The first film, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, made over $700 million.  The second film, Prince Caspian, made over $400 million and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader made over $400 million as well.  These films may have taken a dip after the first film but they still made a lot of money (hundreds of millions of dollars in fact).  The Silver Chair takes place decades after the events in Voyage in Narnia but only a year on our world.  Prince Caspian’s heir is missing and Caspian (an old man now) enlists the help of Aslan who gets two humans from our world to take on the mission.  They proceed to go to the far north beyond Narnia in an epic adventure.

The one thing that is concerning is how long it took to get this going.  It’s been five years since the last film and people have a short enough attention span as is.  Unless a film franchise releases a film 2-3 years after the last one it runs the risk of being forgotten.  The thing is these books hold so much potential.  They are beautifully written and they have such amazing adventures.  It was like Lord of the Rings for a younger audience.

The other issue comes with a script.  Scripts get written all the time then projects get abandoned.  While I think this is a small risk since the films have proven to be money makers and are actually OK overall, getting a script done doesn’t exactly mean that the project is going forward.

Also, are they going to get the same actors?  Recast?  I would think that they would recast.   It’s not like the Eustice character was all that memorable in Voyage and outside of him it would be a whole new cast.  So that may actually be an advantage.

I love these stories and these books.  I really liked the BBC films they made when I was a kid.  I really want to see this to be translated on the big screen.  I think there is a lot of potential here.  These are epics and the books were successful; we’ve seen some pretty bad films based on successful books get a lot of money and sequels so this shouldn’t be any different.

Marvel open to recasting characters

While talking to the Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Feige said that they would be open to recasting actors for certain characters.  In Feige’s own words:

But one day, it will be a combination. It will be a combination of choosing which characters to continue on with and explore and which to bring in, as we’re doing with Captain Marvel and Black Panther. And certainly to recast in some way or another – as we’ve already done in certain cases. Certainly many other franchises have reached that milestone before we have and done that with great success.

This isn’t very surprising.  After all, Marvel has already done this.  They did it War Machine from Iron Man 1 to Iron Man 2 and 3.  Then there was the famous incident where they recast Bruce Banner from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo.  So they have already done it.  The thing is, they have either done it with characters who are secondary (War Machine) or with a film that is not a cornerstone film at the time (Banner).  For them to, say, recast Iron Man or Captain America that would be quite different.  But what choice does Marvel have?  Just retire Iron Man?  No way.  There is too much money on the line.  Sure, the casting of RDJ was absolutely perfect but this isn’t something that film goers aren’t used to.  Bond has had multiple actors same with Batman and Superman.  I think people will be OK with it.

So, while this is news, it isn’t huge news because it feels so obvious.

Honesty, that’s about it.  I’m hoping to check out plenty of films here in the next couple of days, so look out for some reviews on Inside Out, Spy and Jurassic World.  Until then, enjoy your night!

Movie Man Greg


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