Ant-Man Reactions, Justice League: Gods and Monsters clip

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters Clip

So, I wrote about this before but this new take on the Justice League by Bruce Timm looks fantastic.  Timm seems to be nailing it out of the park AGAIN.  The above clip shows Superman (voiced by Benjamin Bratt), Wonder Woman (Tamara Taylor), and Batman (Michael C. Hall) discussing how the world seems to be in chaos, how people are protesting their methods and how no one can stop them.  They are also contemplating taking over the world.

If you haven’t seen the other 3 shorts that Machinima has released watch them below:

These are incredible.  I love the take on each one.  I also love how Batman is not Bruce Wayne but Kirk Langstrom (in Batman lore he is Man-Bat).  Batman is a kind of vampire who feeds on the blood of humans which makes him more of a villain than hero since he doesn’t have a “don’t kill” code.  What I also enjoy about this show is that these are heroes who are more humanized; they aren’t just Pantheon gods in Olympus.  These characters are reflections of human nature and how most people would react to having this great power.  They do what they want and what really can the world powers do?  Not much.

The other clips how these heroes deal with their powers.  Even Superman doesn’t have a “no-kill” policy.  He kills a child Brainiac!  It was actually quite emotional and I was really invested into what happened.  This entire show is nailing it.  Bruce Timm seems to have created another great animated world for DC.  Can we get him to take over for the DCU?

The whole premise seems very Watchman like (ooooohhhh I can feel the internet hate crashing into my comments section just for saying that).  It feels like a much more realistic view of how these characters would turn out.  They aren’t just gods with flaws, they are humans with powers.  It makes the whole experience very enjoyable.  I’m excited to see more of this series and I want to see how this all turns out.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters comes out on July 28, 2015 for Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD.

Early Reviews for Ant-Man!

OK, so “reviews” may be a bit overstating it.  But these are reactions from critics about the film.  We have some of their tweets below but, man, it seems like most of them are actually quite positive:

Generally when a film screens for critics weeks before wider release that tends to be a good sign.  That shows that the studio is confident in the film’s success.  Why show critics an early screening unless you wanted to get people excited for the film?  Why show a crappy film to people who watch and writ about this stuff for a living?  That’s the part I don’t understand.

From what you can see, most of the reviews have been positive.  What I take away is this:

  1. Marvel is continuing to surprise and switch up the superhero genre whenever possible
  2. Ant-Man might be a better standalone film than Age of Ultron
  3. Ant-Man has some killer special effects
  4. Ant-Man has some great performances
  5. Ant-Man also has heart and is very enjoyable

That’s enough for me to go and see it with optimism.  This film might not be the greatest in the MCU films but it seems to be one of the better half of them.  This is something I wouldn’t have said after seeing the first trailer.  However, knowing that Edgar Wright’s vision was still intact (for the most part) through the film was a great sign to me.  I love Wright’s work and knowing that he had invested so much time and effort into this made me very excited.  When he left the project, I was feeling down.  It was like I had just gotten done listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run and was sad that I wouldn’t hear anything like that again from The Boss.

This film could have a documentary made about it and how it almost was a disaster.  Seriously.  With all the documentaries about failed DC films couldn’t we have one documentary about a film that seemed to beat the odds?   Am I alone on this?  Who am I kidding?  This is America, we love tearing heroes down.  SCREW ANT-MAN AND RESTORING MY BELIEF THAT EVEN THOUGH A FILM MIGHT GO THROUGH DIRECTORS AND COULD LOOK BAD, IT TURNS OUT GOOD.

The internet is the haven for negativity, I’m sure they’ll fulfill my wish about Ant-Man soon enough.  I’m still going to go watch it and I’m getting super excited for it.

Star Trek 4 Greenlit

To the surprise of no one, Star Trek 4 has been green-lit by Paramount.  They have locked down their stars, Chris Pine (who plays Captain Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (who plays Spock), to another film.  And the third one isn’t even out yet.  Apparently these guys are also getting paid pretty handsomely for their services (that sounded way dirtier than I had ever intended it to be.  If you don’t understand, don’t worry about it your parents will tell you when you’re older).  They are a couple of pretty handsome dudes (I am completely comfortable typing that) but they might be getting paid $3 million each for the 4th film.

Why is this not a surprise?  Because if Paramount wants to continue making Star Trek, they need to get these actors locked down.  Especially someone like Zoe Saldana, who is in two other franchises: Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy.  So getting the old crew is important.

BUT THE THIRD FILM ISN’T EVEN OUT YET!  Who cares?  If the third Star Trek bombs, Paramount doesn’t have to make a fourth.  Stuff like this happens in Hollywood all the time.  The important thing is to get your stars invested and signing something that says they will commit to multiple films.

Star Trek Beyond is scheduled for release July 8, 2016

That’s it for today.  See you all tomorrow!

Movie Man Greg


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