Video Game Films

So, this is a bit different of a post than what I have done before.  With Pixels coming out, which is about an alien invasion that uses 80s video game characters as weapons, the subject of video game films have been brought up again.  Also, with Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft due out next year there is an idea that video game films could actually work.  I originally thought this list would be broken into two different categories the worst video game films and which video game films need to be adapted.  However, I quickly realized that I haven’t seen enough terrible video game films to create a comprehensive list.  So I’m just going to stick with which franchises need to be adapted.  Granted, this is all my own opinion so while some people may disagree, my opinion is as good as gold.  So anyone who may not agree is totally wrong (cue awful comments).  (By the way I’m being facetious)

5. Ninja Gaiden – This could be one hell of a ninja film. We haven’t gotten a truly great ninja film in a while and this could be a great way to introduce the genre.  Plus, everyone loves ninjas.  Now, Ninja Gaiden tells of the story of Ryu Hayabusa.  Hayabusa’s father is killed and during Hayabusa’s quest for revenge, he is caught up in a battle between ancient good and evil supernatural forces.  So, this game was highly praised for its gameplay and storyline.
While the original storyline might be a bit confusing(see the fake trailer below), you don’t necessarily have to include supernatural forces.  The artifacts that Hayabusa comes across could just be a very valuable statue and nothing more.

This could be the American Ninja film that we all are craving.  I mean, we are craving a ninja movie, right?  Those guys are badass.  The closest ninja movie we’ve gotten in a while has been Batman Begins and ninjas were gone from it after the first 30 minutes.

Overall, this story continues with supernatural forces but at the same time, it could get there but I could see this film really kicking off a larger genre of ninja films.  This could have balls to the wall action and would be fantastic to watch on the big screen.  Plus, I’m a sucker for ninjas.

4. Metroid – Not that surprising, right? Not only is Metroid a space story about a bounty hunter, that bounty hunter is a WOMAN.  It follows Samus Aran as she is tracking down Space Pirates.  These pirates have stolen samples of Metroid creatures hoping to replicate them.  These creatures can drain the life energy of any organism they latch onto.  The Space Pirates hope to use them as biological weapons.  The Galactic Federation, the ruling government in this universe, sends in Samus to find and defeat the Pirates.

First off, and I mentioned it earlier, Samus is a woman.  Not only that, she is a kickass woman and you rarely see her face (in fact, it wasn’t until the game’s sequel on SNES that fans found that out).  She is in a powered suit and I think she would be a great hero.  Right now our world has some female heroes but none have their own spinoff film (mostly because Marvel has put off giving Black Widow her own film).  Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel aren’t out for years.  We could really use a strong, leading female protagonist.  Samus Aran could be that hero.  Also, she’s a bounty hunter.  Lucasfilm is dragging their feet for a Bobba Fett solo film so this could get ahead of the curb and be quite new for a lot of audiences.

(SIDE NOTE: Samus is hot and you could have a “reveal” at the end to show who is under that suit.  The studio could totally keep that secret under wraps.  I would personally volunteer to make sure that secret is guarded.  Also, how funny would it be to see a Samus film before a Bobba Fett one?  Actually, there could be some potential cross over.  That could be fun.  Why not throw Samus into the Star Wars universe?  Doesn’t Disney own everything at this point?  Also, she has a HUGE LASER CANON GUN.  AND CAN TURN INTO A SMALL BALL.  AND DROP MINI BOMBS.  That is SO cool!  Anyone not named Michael Bay could make this successful!)

This would also be a cool space adventure and action flick.  Samus kicks lots of ass and has a unique amount of powers (see video below) that would look really cool on screen.  This world also has a ton of mythos that goes along with it.  The story and universe have been fleshed out and the antagonists (Pirates and Metroids) would be good foils.

3. God of War – This is a game that is set in an alternate Greece where gods and humans constantly interact. The main protagonist is Kratos, a Spartan warrior who serves the Olympian God of War, Ares. Kratos wages war on those who worship Athena.  After Ares tricks Kratos to kill his wife and child, Kratos turns on Ares and serves other Olympian gods.  Kratos constantly has visions of his evil act and he hopes to get rid of them by serving other gods.  However, it is Athena who promises Kratos peace from his acts: kill Ares.  Kratos agrees and the game follows him on his mission.

OK, so this is quite the fanciful tale but it could totally translate onto the big screen.  This is a world that most audiences can accept.  We have seen two separate shows from the 90s that explored the legend of the Greeks (Hercules and Xena, respectfully).  I think that this would quite the film.  It would be dark, gritty and you could really make this a personal film about a man trying to rid his demons.  This film has so much action and his story could also be a darker version of Hercules’ hero journey.

2. The Legend of Zelda – Just take the Ocarina of Time and make that into a game. This would be the perfect storyline for this.  This would be a classic film about magic, swords and princesses.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time follows Link as he tries to save his world of Hyrule from Ganondorf through time.  Link travels through time in search of his destiny as the Hero of Time.

There is so much rich material in this open world game.  Sure, you don’t want to make it as long as the game.  The game is very long with many mazes and tricks.  Sure, you want to involve some of the things that make Zelda great (like those damn chickens) but overall this has some great characters and a wonderful story.

Seriously, cast Elijah Wood as young Link.  We could accept Wood as a child who has a wooden sword. After all, he played Frodo, how much easier would it be to play Link?

If any studio wanted to create their own Lord of the Rings franchise, this would be it.  Besides, did you see the picture of that sword?  How awesome is that?

Just watch the trailer below that IGN made as an April Fool’s joke, does a great job.

1. Halo – This game encompasses so much. It’s a great, deep world that has two great villains.  The original game has horror, suspense, action and plenty of twists and turns that make it a true classic game.  Master Chief has become a character that rivals that of Mario.  Remember, that character and franchise is relatively new.

This film would contain so much and I could imagine seeing the Flood being a third foil on the first Halo.  I could see Master Chief on the big screen with Cortana giving advice.  This is a great space adventure similar to Metroid yet very different.  It is based more on throwing people in the middle of a war and Master Chief is a soldier and not a bounty hunter.

There was even a short film that was made based on Halo.  This whole world is rich but we really want to Master Chief.

This is totally made for today.  Lots of fighting, some fun moments and Master Chief doesn’t even have to have the most lines.  Hell, cast Arnold as one of the soldiers.  “AGH! ZE FLOOD! ZE FLOOD IZ COMING!”  Arnold could totally pull that off.
That’s it for today!  Hope you all enjoy this post.


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