Deadpool Red Band Trailer, Sony Pictures future films, Stonewall Trailer, Last Witch Hunter Trailer

So, there are several items to be looking at for today.

Deadpool Red Band Trailer

When I was first introduced to Deadpool, I was in college.  I remember watching Hulk vs. Wolverine (which was probably the best animated film Marvel has ever done.  Marvel craps the bed when it comes to their animation and most of their stuff isn’t even close to good.  I tried sitting through Black Widow vs. Punisher and couldn’t even make it 5 minutes.  Then there’s Disney Disney-ing up their properties such as Avengers: Assemble [it’s like a Michael Bay film with one liners and mindless action] and Ultimate Spider-Man [Family Guy meets Spider-Man]).  So, I’m watching Hulk vs. Wolverine and Deadpool starts dropping his one liners all over the place.  I was aware of who he was but man I didn’t know how AWESOME he was.  That animated movie sold me on Deadpool.

I’ve recently been reading more of his comics and the dude is insane.  I’ve read the Classic Collections, Deadpool vs. Hawkeye and Deadpool vs. X-Force.  What I love about this character is that there are no boundaries for him; there is nothing he won’t do, wear, say, or kill.  Death is in love with the guy and apparently Deapool will be fighting Thanos.  Anything I can find on youtube about Deadpool I’ve watched because the guy is great.  He’s an ultraviolent mercenary who is aware of his status as a comic book character and makes jokes all the time.  His zany, off the wall, unpredictable humor is part of his charm.  Wade Wilson is the rated R version of Spider-Man.  So, when this film got an R rating that was definitely a sign in the right direction.

Then I saw a leaked trailer for the film from Comic Con.  It was terrible quality but I was able to get some things out of it.  Then this trailer dropped.  It was just about identical to the Comic Con trailer but there were some differences.  There was added dialogue with TJ Miller, more action and a couple more one liners.  They kept the part where Deadpool says he’s going to “touch himself.”

So, I love this trailer.  I think that Reynolds and Miller are going to have killer chemistry together on screen.  Their back and forth banter is insanely funny and entertaining.  The action looks great, I love the tie in with Colossus.  This is a way to bring Deadpool into the larger cinematic world without needing a big name.  I like that there is Meta humor (“just make sure the costume isn’t green.  Or animated!”).  Deadpool is looking at the camera and talking to the audience!  This whole trailer just screams passion everywhere.

Deadpool is also needed in comics right now.  We have a lot of action but very little violence.  Also, Deadpool is the first hard R we have had in modern comic book films.  This is breaking from the trend.  I have no doubt that there will be some idiot parent who brings their child to a Deadpool film but for all intents and purposes, this film is for ADULTS.  Deadpool is a shot in the arm for the genre; it’s a character that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is designed for the over the top violence.  Any of the cheese is there because that’s the character.  The one liners are there because that’s the character.  This character is something that we need for the genre.  It could be a way of battling the fatigue from formulaic superhero films.

Deadpool will come out in February 12, 2016.

Sony Pictures Future Projects

So, Sony Pictures has released it’s slate of future films on its docket.  Here are the list of films below:

“The Shallows” – 6/24/16

“Ghostbusters” – 7/15/16*

“Patient Zero” – 9/2/16

“The Magnificent Seven” – 9/23/16*

“Underworld 5″ – 10/21/16

“Passengers” – 12/21/16

“Jumanji” – 12/25/16

“The Dark Tower” – 1/13/17

“Resident Evil 6″ – 1/27/17

“Bad Boys 3″ – 2/17/17

“Baby Driver” – 3/17/17

“Barbie” – 6/2/17

“Uncharted” – 6/30/17*

“The Lamb” – 12/8/17

“Bad Boys 4″ – 7/3/19

So, what stands out?  To me, Ghostbusters, Underworld 5, Jumanji, The Magnificent Seven and TWO Bad Boys films stand out.  We know more about the Ghostbusters film.  I think it will come together and while it’s ambitious I think they have a good team surrounding the project.

Underworld 5 is interesting to me for various reasons.  This whole franchise has a strong cult following but this is the fifth installment.  You don’t get 5 films of any franchise.  It’s really rare.  So that’s surprising.

Jumanji… Ugh.  I can see the internet backlash.  Especially with the passing of Robin Williams people are going to be examining and analyzing whomever is cast as the lead.  This film has a legacy to live up to, especially if it’s a reboot.  Though it can be a sequel type film to the original, it would be seen as a cash grab after Williams’ passing.

Then there are those bad, bad boys.  I wonder how these next two films will play out.  I don’t even know if those types of films will work.  Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are ten years older.  Can they really work those types of films?  I have no idea.  Maybe one of these films will transition from Smith and Lawrence to two other guys?  Who knows?  But I’m cautiously intrigued by these two films.

Stonewall Trailer

Stonewall is an adaptation of a young gay man who moves to New York.  There in NYC, he becomes enveloped in the gay rights movement.  This story tells the earliest part of the gay rights movement.  Watching this trailer with little knowledge of the actual event, I will say that this is a very powerful trailer.  The whole subject, of a guy who runs away from home, to try and find acceptance in NYC.  Then finds that there are battles to find there and he tries to find his courage and how to make change.

I really liked how everything was portrayed.  With all the stuff about cops overreaching, this shows several scenes of that happening.  I think we have to realize that things could always be worse.  Things can always be more depressing, more oppressing and worse.  And it was.  However, this could also be a very poignant film that gets people talking.  I hope it does well and I hope it does the story justice.  Judging by this trailer, I am confident of that.

Stonewall is set for release on September 25, 2015.

Last Witch Hunter Trailer

So, in the first trailer, we get a sense of who Vin Diesel’s character is, Kaulder.  His character is immortal who hunts down witches; he is the protector of our world.  Vin Diesel is part of an ancient order, Axe & Cross, whose job is to protect humanity.  In this second trailer, we got to see the cast around him.  Elijah Wood and Michael Kane are Kaulder’s allies.  Wood plays a young Axe & Cross member wanting to prove himself while Kane is an older, wiser member willing to give sage advice to a dude who is immortal.  Then there is Rose Leslie, whose character is essential to the plot of the whole film.  She plays a sorceress who brings Kaulder to the dream world.

Now, this trailer has plenty of action.  Lots and lots of action.  The visuals look pretty cool and I like the setup of the dream world.  It is designed in a medieval Europe type setting.  I’m always a sucker for that.  The demons and monsters look great in the film, the CGI is good.  However, the dialogue seems poor and the plot was still not totally clear from the trailer.  Has this film peaked my interest?  Not really.  This could end up being in the vein of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (ugh, though I doubt anything could possibly be THAT bad.  I can’t believe Jeremy Renner was in that.  Was his agent fired after that?  They probably should have been.  After all, Renner was still allowed to stay with Marvel after that.  That’s the equivalent of leaking CIA secrets and the CIA saying “no problem, you can come back.”  That’s how bad Hansel and Gretel was.).  These type of sci-fi fantasy action films have a hard time getting off the ground.  However, it is still early and Vin Diesel has become quite an action star.  Who knows?  Maybe this could also be a “turn off your brain” film.

I’m cautiously pessimistic about this.  While the trailer was fun, there was nothing there to convince me that this film will be a hit.

The Last Witch Hunter opens on October 23, 2015.

That’s all for today!  Thanks, everybody!


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