More Fantastic Four? Mortal Kombat gets a producer, Bill Murray cameo and TV news!

Hey everyone, before I get to today’s news bits I want to let you know that tomorrow I’ll be releasing another audio show.  I’ll be talking DC and Marvel with long-time comic fan and all around nerd, Dan Gaisford and NBA talk with my brother Chris.  So be sure to check that out tomorrow!

More Fantastic Four?

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I know most people will grimace at this but Fox apparently is committed to Marvel’s First Family.  Even with an immensely disheartening showing at the box office (coming in 2nd to Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation) at under $27 million, Chris Aronson, Fox’s Domestic Distribution Chief, said:

“While we’re disappointed, we remain committed to these characters and we have a lot to look forward to in our Marvel universe.”

OK… So, this guy seems to be a pretty big cheese at Fox so his word does mean something.  However, this film has TANKED.  It has sunk faster than the Titanic.  So what could Fox possibly do?  There has been talks to scrap the sequel for a Deadpool sequel and does anyone want to see these characters interact with X-Men?  I mean, if Wolverine gets to slice something up that would be fine with me.

If they are so committed, how about they make a quality movie in the first place?  How about they don’t screw it up so badly?  How about they actually let the director, uh, DIRECT the film?  How about they make a film to tell a good story with intriguing characters and not to retain rights?

Look, the Fantastic Four’s stock can’t get much lower.  It made $60.3 million worldwide and cost $122 million.  The studio is going to lose a bunch of money from this.  The film has a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  That makes it the lowest rated film ever associated with Marvel.  People won’t be excited for a sequel and there won’t be buzz for a crossover.  Either take a page out of the Incredibles playbook, or hell even out of some classic Fantastic Four stories, and create a good movie.  That, or sell the rights back to Marvel.

I’m going to take a break from beating the horse known as the Fantastic Four.  I’ll wait and hope some real news comes out about it.

Mortal Kombat’s new producer

So… In more positive news, Mortal Kombat is getting a new ally.  Furious 7’s James Wan has signed on to produce the newest movie installment based on the fighting game franchise of the same name.  The last Mortal Kombat film to come out was in 1997 and chances are we will get a reboot closer to the end of the decade.  As long as Sub-Zero and Scorpion are in this killing people I’ll be happy.

Apparently this film will be a reboot (YAY reboots!) and will not be connected to the original movies.  It is being written by David Callaham (The Expendables) and Oren Uziel (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth).  Apparently it will also be disconnected in a lot of ways to the original mythology.  Look, I’m all for reboots, retellings and new takes on stuff.  However, there are core ideas that need to stay.  I won’t mind if the direction goes a bit darker and grittier (there is an awesome fan trailer that Uziel wrote the script for below) but let’s keep a few of the “magic” of Mortal Kombat.  Like Scorpion ripping someone’s spine out or Sub-Zero freezing someone then knocking their head off.

If you take some of the prophecy and over the top stuff from the first movie that’s fine.  The other thing I’d mention is that most fighting games haven’t translated that well.  Street Fighter and the one starring all those very beautiful women, what was that?  Oh!  Dead on Arrival!  DOA!  That’s it!  Outside of the women, that movie was terrible.  And while Mortal Kombat wasn’t the most brilliantly created film, it did give us an amazing theme song.  (Top 5 movie themes.  This includes all Disney songs as well.  Also, the last movie song that was this good and used the title in the lyrics was… Never.  That’s how legendary this song is.  Other songs in the top 10 are: Everything I Do, I Do For You – Bryan Adams, I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston, Eye of the Tiger – Survivor, Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees, Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland, Gansta’s Paradise – Coolio, Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel, Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins., Lose Yourself – Eminem):

Having a guy like Wan on board will probably get the gears turning for this movie.  The guy has shown a lot of good chops and is scheduled to direct Aquaman.  The guy has influence and I think he can get the ball rolling and let the Mortal Kombat fighters FINISH each other.

Bill Murray cameo

So, reports have come in that Bill Murray is going to make a cameo appearance in Ghostbusters.  I’m buying this with all my old Ghostbuster toys.  I think that giving a nod to Murray and what he meant to this franchise is great.  I think giving him a cameo, no matter how big or how small will make the audience cheer.  I think that Murray was the best part about both Ghostbuster films and to have him in this only makes my heart warm.

I think a one-liner, advice or anything would be brilliant.  It will be probably be a Stan Lee like cameo which I’m fine with.  I love seeing the Stan Lee cameos in the Marvel films; this one won’t be any different.  Would I like to see him in a bigger role?  YES.  But would I be sad if I saw a Ghostbuster film with NO Bill Murray?  Yup.

The other that’s funny about this cameo is that Murray had reported that he wanted nothing to do with Ghostbusters.  He always said he was out when Dan Akroyd was making a script.  Now that someone else is doing this movie, Murray decides to participate?  Sounds like a big “F-U” to Akroyd.

TV News

I have a bit of TV news to report on.  First, there are new images of Jon Bernthal as Punisher surfacing.  I will say that these are great.  They are cool action pictures and I’m buying into everything about it.  I think that Bernthal will kill it as Frank Castle.  In the photos he already looks weathered and beaten down.  Also, I don’t know what the context is but he’s probably going to kill this guy in what looks like an amusement park (it looks like a carnival game in the background).

The second piece of news is that there is a new Supergirl trailer.  So, this show looks like everything that Superman was supposed to be.  This includes helping people and being bright and fun.  We get to see Kara Zor-El accept her responsibility as a hero and we even get a silhouette of Superman helping her.  I hope we get more of this.  This feels like Christopher Reeves Superman world.  That is what Superman is supposed to be like.  I understand why they went the way they did in Man of Steel looking at Batman v. Superman but this show just feels like Superman.

That’s it for today!  Thanks, everyone!  Have a great day!


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