Captain America: Civil War Trailer and Jessica Jones!

Captain America: Civil War trailer and Jessica Jones Season 1 Review!

Welcome all to a new blog post.  There were a couple of things I saw earlier this week and I wanted to be able to process my thoughts before writing them down.  I’m like Thanksgiving dinner: I need to digest stuff for a long time before I get my writing out.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Marvel gave us all an early Christmas present by dropping a new Civil War trailer.  It opens with the end scene from Ant-Man, though it gave us a different part of it.  Bucky is definitely in trouble.  Steve Rodgers (Captain America) and Sam Wilson (Falcon) have finally found Bucky.  They were looking for the Winter Soldier since the second Cap movie and it was going on through Age of Ultron.  Here’s the thing: others are looking for Bucky.  We know that some are German forces since they have the German flag on their uniforms.  Anyway, the governments of the world want to take closer tabs on super powered heroes.  After what happened in New York (Incredible Hulk, Avengers 1), London (Thor: The Dark World), Sokovia (Avengers 2), Johannesburg (Avengers 2) and Washington DC (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) the world is starting to take notice.  This makes sense: if a kid keeps drawing on the walls you’ll begin to put some rules up.  The Avengers are like a little kids’ party guests: they run around and cause unspeakable havoc to your new, clean home.  Now it’s time to lay some ground rules.  In my opinion, one of the guys they want is Bucky “The Winter Soldier” Barnes.  The dude caused so much trouble and he was a major HYDRA agent.  I think that HYDRA is also looking for them because in the trailer we see Crossbones leading some forces to try and find Bucky.  I think that the government, Captain America and HYDRA are all looking for him.  I would think HYDRA would want the Winter Soldier back to use as a weapon.  I’m a fan of triple threat wrestling matches and this is a great one.  There are great sequences.  I was a sucker for the triple threat sword match in the second Pirates film.  This is always fun.

We see Tony Stark and his friends side with the government and want to see Bucky pay for his crimes.  Rodgers wants to defend his long-time friend.

I love how the conflict is set up.  Everyone’s motivations are understandable.  Tony Stark’s character arc has been told over 5 films.  He has gone from carefree playboy to hero to guilt ridden man who feels responsible for the problems.  He sees the value in oversight and a group to keep the Avengers accountable for their actions.  This is totally understandable.

Steve’s actions are also equally understandable.  He is desperately looking for any connection to a time he is no longer a part of.  This is a good friend of his.  He wants to protect him and realize that he wasn’t in charge of his actions.

Now, I also like how the teams are shaping up.  They have shown some great action scenes such as the brawl on the docks.  But the Cap and Bucky vs. Iron Man finale was the best looking scene.  Now the other thing about the action scenes is that there is a lack of shaking camera.  I love it.  We need more action scenes without the jarring camera action.

We also got a great look at Black Panther.  I’m really looking forward to his debut.  He looks fantastic.

There were 3 specific heroes who we didn’t see: Ant-Man, Vision and, of course, Spider-Man.  I think that the nature of Ant-Man wouldn’t have fit in this trailer.  This was a very dark and serious trailer and Ant-Man is just not going to fit in that.  Vision is going to be on Tony’s side (we have posters that confirm this) but it was odd to not see them.  Spider-Man, though, is the most understandable.  This is Marvel’s biggest trump card.  I want him to get the #whereisluke treatment that Star Wars has been doing.  For us big nerds, we know that Spider-Man is in this film but most people don’t.  One thing I have seen in films is that word of mouth influences attendances.  If people go see this and talk about Spider-Man being in there then the word spreads and it gets audiences excited to see this after opening weekend.  We all know this film will do great and sometimes less is more.  I want to have my anticipation for Spider-Man to grow and keeping him away from trailers and posters will do just that.  There’s no reason to waste a money shot in porn after the first 5 minutes, you need to wait for that.  Marvel is doing just the right thing, James Dean style.


Jessica Jones Season 1

Holy crap.  This is such a great show.  Jessica Jones stars Krysten as Jones, Rachael Taylor as best friend Trish Walker, Mike Colter as Luke Cage and David Tennant as Kilgrave.  Jones is a PI who drinks as much as she wants, talks how she wants and does what is needed to get the job done.  She has super strength and such great leaping ability that it’s been confused with flying.  However, when a man from her past (Kilgrave) comes back to torment her, she will need to face him and her past in order to save those around her.

First off, the writing and the acting are stupendous.  This is a very adult oriented show.  Ritter is absolutely absorbing as Jones.  She is an anti-hero who you root to do the right thing.  We know that she is the strongest but we see her deal with trauma through the bottle.  She definitely has PTSD and it is dealt with drinking and sex.  Jones is such a compelling, loveable yet despicable hero.  Her arc of redemption is brilliantly done and engaging throughout the 13 episode season.  Taylor is completely believable as the child star, adopted sister of a hero; she is the human connection for Jones and the one whom Jones is strong enough to fight for.

Colter is fantastic as Luke Cage. The chemistry between him and Ritter feels real and is the one relationship that we want to see blossom in a perverted type of way.  Cage is the hero who we can see Jones eventually becoming.  Cage is the hero of the show.  Finally, Tennant is scary as Kilgrave.  He has a charm and a creepy factor that makes him a magnetic personality.  But eventually his downfall of sanity begins to take form.  The depth of these characters is undeniable.  The arc of each character is brilliant; they all change and their relationship with Jones change as well.

This show is gritty and dark.  It is no holds barred.  It makes Daredevil seem like Supergirl.  It’s crazy.  It has really changed how Marvel is perceived.  Not only is it dark but it stars a woman.  I love this show.  I can’t wait for a second season.  This show is the kind of show that I would recommend to someone who likes thrillers but hates superhero shows.  This goes way beyond a super hero show.  This is a PI procedural.  I am a sucker for crime dramas and this is one.  It also makes the MCU much smaller; Jones is fighting crime on the ground, not aliens in the air.  This show also has no problem killing off characters; it makes the stakes for these characters feel real: people can really die in this show and while it would be a shock you can believe it.  It’s fantastic.

I wish, though, that the show would be more direct in its references to the MCU.  Seriously, it beginning to get annoying.  It’s like you have a friend who only refers to you by your initials (for me that would be GF).  We know who you’re talking about just say it.  Thor.  Hulk.  Captain America.  No one is going to roll their eyes if you name drop them.

Overall, though, that’s really my only complaint.  That’s quite a compliment for this show.  I say definitely check it out and binge watch the crap out of this show.

That’s all for today!  Thanks and see you later!


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