But Wait, What about DC? Why l left out the Justice League Trailer

OK, so I know I didn’t review the Justice League trailer in my last post.  Why is that?  Well, because for one it didn’t stick out in my mind.  Look, the trailer was fine.  I’ll get more into it.

So what we see here is the Justice League forming.  We get different sections introducing the League and them coming together.  If it wasn’t obvious enough, the music is a rock rendition of the Beatles “Come Together.” So, besides the questionable cover music chosen, this isn’t something we haven’t already seen.  We get some good Parademon flavors, indicating the big bad is going to be Darkseid in the end (whether it’s this film or a future one).  We get some cool action sequences, showing them fight or standing together.  There is also a scene where it looks like they are fighting in a wasteland, one unlike the wasteland Bruce dreamed about in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Could this be Apocalypse, the planet of Darkseid?  Possibly.  This could also be a random desert.  We also see Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg on some sort of alien ship (looks kind of like the Kryptonian ship, could they be trying to resurrect Superman?).  This is quite a few sets and places to go.  Good thing they reportedly have 3 hours of time.

The other thing to keep in mind, is that we haven’t seen Superman.  He’s going to be in this, we know from set photos, interviews and the like.  So there are several theories: Jon Schnepp over at Collider thinks that Superman will show up halfway through and possibly be mind controlled by Darkseid.  I agree with Schnepp because of a few reasons: Darkseid has always wanted to control Superman (and there is precendence in comics) and he knows how powerful Superman is.  When Superman first comes back to life he has a black suit.  With Snyder’s obsession with making stuff dark and gritty he would totally be on board for something like this.

So why am I not excited?  Because we already know that DC cuts great trailers.  Look at the BVS trailer and Suicide Squad trailers.

These a great trailers!  The films?  Not so much.  Same with Man of Steel, look at this trailer!

The film was just OK at best.  There have been major faults with all of the DC films and most are unforgivable.  I would say that the DC films are awful as a whole.  There has been absolutely no reason for me to trust DC films.  They have been disappointing.  Now, if Wonder Woman crushes it then maybe I’ll be more on board.  But this is the same team and vision as BVS, so I’m not going to be tricked.  It’s a great trailer but there is strong evidence to show that just because DC has a great trailer it is going to be a good film.

So, that’s why I left out DC.  If we judge by trailers, the Justice League trailer is amazing.  But that doesn’t make me more excited because previous experiences show differently.  Especially since the team behind Batman v. Superman is the same team behind Justice League.

How did you feel about the Justice League trailer? Like it? Hate it? Did it make you more excited for the film? Comment below!


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