What We Know and Don’t Know about Thor: Ragnarok

In case you missed it (and you might have if you were living in the Gobi Desert or in Antarctica) dropped a trailer on April 10. It was full of so many good and cool things including looks at as and as . We get a feeling of the tone and more of the plot. But there are plenty of things we know and don’t know about this film and how it fits in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What We Know

Hela is Powerful and the main villain

She destroys and looks to have destroyed . She is the one responsible for most of the destruction and gets the plot going. The butt whooping she puts on the Asgardians is probably one the biggest butt whoopings we’ve seen in cinema. She is clearly super powerful. The question is, what’s her goal? Most likely it’s more power within the 9 Realms and beyond. Hela is the one in charge of the underworld and the souls there so it’s safe to assume she wants more. Getting rid of the people who trapped her (the Asgardians) then going on a killing spree would make sense for a character like herself. I also contend that she might be looking for the last Infinity Stone which would be the Soul Stone.

We also know she’s the one who sends Thor to where he is, the (I know it’s probably not called that but I’m calling it anyway; it’s better than Gladiator World or the world that resembles Russel Crowe’s sandbox). She’s probably the one who will bring about and possibly . Make no mistake: in the end Hela is the one responsible for the events that happen and she’s the big bad that Thor will have to vanquish.

Loki Betrays Thor… Again

So, during the final scene in the trailer, we see Thor come out and then we get a shot of the Grandmaster and on the right we see on the left. Loki clearly has made some sort of deal with the Grandmaster. We know that Loki has a history of this and there is a chance he betrays his adoptive brother again. The guesses can be many but Loki could be the one who is captured first and gives the Grandmaster a greater threat. Or maybe Loki is willing to give the Grandmaster some sort of knowledge in exchange for a higher position. Loki could also use his wonderful charm to gain a seat.

There are so many directions for Loki, mostly because they make sense. At the very least, it looks like he definitely made nice with the Grandmaster, which would make sense since he’s not much of a fighter and wouldn’t want to get caught up in that.

Lots of New Characters to get to know

We are getting , Grandmaster, Hela and . We got our real first look at Valkyrie and Skurge. Skurge looks intense and is definitely wielding two guns. He is also known as the Executioner and is usually associated with the Enchantress. Now, we may as well get her; she was in love in Thor and turned evil when he broke her heart. So there might be a possibility of seeing her, too. However, Skurge could also be just another fighter on Battleworld or could be an enforcer for the Grandmaster.

Valkyrie is also seen as a lackey for Grandmaster. She brings warriors and is not part of the gladiatorial combat. Make no mistake, the Grandmaster seems to be a guy whose motivations directly interferes with the heroes, yet it’s hard to see Goldblum being a villain.

What We Don’t Know

Where is Thanos?

This is the last Marvel Film before Avengers: Infinity War. will not make an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and, to the surprise of no one, will not show up in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Which means there’s only one more film for the big purple enemy of all living things to show up at. He will be the focus in the first Infinity War film and I think we need one more taste of him. In the Infinity War storyline, Thanos worships death. Actually, Thanos is in love with Death. He gets the Infinity Gems to wipe out half of the life in the universe just to court her. He truly earns the “Mad Titan” nickname during this storyline.

Now, Hela is the ruler of the underworld, which is kind of like Death. In Norse mythology that’s essentially her role. So, I don’t doubt that Thanos will be trying to court Hela by gathering the Infinity Stones. I don’t blame him, if Cate Blanchet was death I think more of us would fall in love with her. Thanos should make some sort of appearance even if it’s a post credit scene. We haven’t seen him since the last Avengers: Age of Ultron where he said he’ll “do it himself” while grabbing a gauntlet. So, what has he been up to? Will we get an appearance of Thanos confronting the Grandmaster or the Collector? Will we see Thanos take the Power Stone from the Nova Corps? This is our last opportunity to see the Purple Guy of Destruction so we should see him.

Where is the last Infinity Stone?

On that note, if Thanos shows up, he’s probably getting an Infinity Stone for his gauntlet. There’s still one stone left: the Soul Stone. Since, again, James Gunn said no Infinity Stones in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that means Thor is probably our best chance to find out where this one is. So, where is it? There are several theories floating out there.

The most popular one is that has the stone. People point to his power to “see people” from anywhere and that his eyes are the (potential) same color as the stone. There’s also Thor’s vision in Ultron where Heimdall’s eyes are pure white, showing that something changed (because being dead isn’t enough?). Rumors speculate that it could be in his helmet, his sword or in his eyes. I’m not completely sold on this for a few reasons. One comes from Thor: The Dark World end credit scene where lady Sif and Volstagg bring the Ether (the Reality Stone) to the Collector. They say that Asgard can’t have more than one Stone (seeing that they had the Space Stone/Tesseract already there). So, either Heimdall has a Stone that no one knows about (less likely) or he doesn’t have it (more likely).

I think that Hela plays a bigger role with the stone than most think. I think she already possess it (she does collect souls after all, so it would make sense for her to have it) or she is pursuing it because Odin took it away from her to keep her in check.

Here’s my personal theory: I think that the Stone is not in Heimdall or Hela. I do think, however, that the stone is more tied to Surtur. I think that Hela and Surtur work in tandem to bring about Ragnarok. I think that they use the Soul Stone to boost their power. I think that Odin was able to take the Stone from them, then seal Surtur within the stone. That’s a power of the stone is that it can take souls and put them into it. I think that Odin then placed the stone in a sword, the same sword that ancient Norse mythology and Thor explain that when pulled begins Ragnarok. I think that by drawing the sword, the individual takes control of the Soul Stone and can unleash Surtur. I think that Hela is looking for that sword, along with Thor and Loki.

Either way, I feel like the Stone could very well be a McGuffin in this film. Be sure to be on the lookout for it.

Soul Gem in the Marvel Comics
Soul Gem in the Marvel Comics

How did Hulk end up on Battleworld?

OK, we see , he looks awesome but how did he end up on Battleworld? The last we heard or saw of Hulk/Bruce Banner, he was flying off on a quin jet that ended up crashing in Age of Ultron. So, did he crash on purpose? Did Grandmaster or his yellow minions teleport Hulk from the jet?

People are comparing this film to Planet Hulk as well. In that comic series, the comic version of the Illuminati (comprised of people like Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Tony Stark and Namor the Submariner) decide to send Hulk to space. The spaceship gets off course and then ends up on a planet where Hulk liberates the people from a dictator who forces gladiatorial combat and Hulk ends up returning to Earth to reign down destruction. Now, I think Marvel will do what they do: use a popular storyline and tweek or change what they need to create an engaging and powerful story.

The timeline could be screwed up because of one thing. Anyone remember Thor and his roommate, Darryl?


I don’t know if he’ll make an appearance in Ragnarok but he totally should because he’s awesome. Now, the timeline is this: if (and this could be a big IF) those sketches are canon, that means that Bruce Banner was around during Civil War which means he didn’t end up on Battleworld until after those events.

If those events are canon, then we know Banner and Stark were in contact during Civil War. This means that Stark could feel terrible about fighting, realize that Hulk is too much of an issue and decide to ship Banner into space. It’s a long shot but it’s possible and would make some sense? It’s a very comic book-y explanation but it could work. My money is on Grandmaster sending some goons and they capture Hulk and bring him back but if Marvel wants a World War Hulk story, this could be the start of it.

Will Surtur make an appearance?

We haven’t seen anything from Surtur yet he plays a huge role in the comics when Rangarok happens. I’ve already detailed a few ways to bring Surtur in but I think what is more exciting is the idea that Surtur is the big bad in the end. The thing about Hela being a main villain is that her motivations might be completely understandable. Maybe, at some point, Loki unleashes Surtur and suddenly Loki, Thor, Hulk and Hela need to team up to bring him down.

It would be a bit of a cop-out to have a bigger baddy and I would be against it because it would be such a bland “I want to take over the universe” villain. I think that Marvel is going to save Surtur and not have him in the previews but we are definitely getting him in this film.

That’s it for what we know or don’t know. What did you learn from this trailer? What is still a mystery? Be sure to comment below!

Thor: Ragnarok opens on November 3, 2017.


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