Welcome to Movie Man Greg.  This blog is here to write about my opinions, updates on movies and other movie and TV news.  I decided to start this blog because I have been listening, subscribing and watching AMC’s Movie Talk, Jeremy Jahns, Cinema Sins, Clevver Movies and Screen Junkies for a few years and I found out that I love talking about movies.  I love hearing all the news and I found out that I have a lot of opinions on the subject.  I found out that I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions as well.

My name is Greg and I have been a comic book fan for my whole life.  Scratch that, I’ve been a superhero fan my whole life.  I read the comics in the grocery store while Mom went shopping, my brother and I collected Marvel trading cards (series 2, series 3 and series 4 to be specific) (I still own my Spider-Man series 2 card plus a collection of series 2, 3 and 4), I watch all the superhero movies (from Christopher Reeves’ Superman all the way up to Avengers) and I have loved watching superhero TV shows as much as anybody (even the Marvel ones from the 60s and 70s).  I’m currently 28 years old and I teach Social Studies and coach Cross Country up in Fort Yukon, Alaska.  Fort Yukon is a little village of about 580 people.  For most of the year, flying is the only way in or out.  Small bush airplanes is how we transport.  There is one store here in the village.  To give some perspective on living expenses, a half of milk costs about $7.50!

I’m a fan who lives in a unique place in the world.  I am not in the movie industry and I have had self-trained skills in film.  I’m a guy who has some normal opinions who wants to share with the world.  I am a guy, a fan like everyone else.  I’m the everyday guy; I got my own job, I work hard and I enjoy being with friends.  I love movies and other stories.  This is a great way for me to express myself.  Thanks for visiting!



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